Decanter Awarded Župančić Winery

In Mala Rakovica, a wine growing region near Samobor, stands the cellar and vineyard of the Župančić family. This small vineyard paradise treasures spectacular wines and traditional Samobor bermet, and is situated on a rolling hill surrounded by forest.


The love towards home and family, work, nature, grapes, and the wine is necessary to succeed in wine business and Župančić family is proud to have such a success. The unique setting of the cellar and vineyards, which has been known as “Žgančev Breg” for centuries, enables the family to cultivate high quality wines.

Bermet 0,75 ETNO pakiranje Bermet 0,75

Župančić is known for production of bermet, a traditional aperitif from Samobor. Throughout centuries, this flavoured wine produced from selected sorts of dark grapes with the additional of wormwood, fruits and different herbal ingredients, has been cornerstone of Samobor dining table. As a unique feature of Samobor region, Župančić produces it according to a traditional family recipe, and is cultivated in the family cellar. If you ask if this bermet is good, you should know it won the golden medal at the Zagreb county wine festival this year.

Cuvee Black PLEMENITAŠ 0,75 KRALUŠ Pjenušac

But bermet is not everything Župančić makes. There are high quality white and red wines, with old and traditional names. Absolute favourite is white cuvee Plemenitaš, known not only in Samobor or Croatia, but in the whole world. This wine got extraordinary award at the Decanter World Wine Awards 2015 in London. World famous sommeliers gave Vlado and Zdravo Župančić such a confirmation that makes them sure in their plans, wine production, and right way ahead.


Apart from Plemenitaš, the cellar offers green Silvaner, Rhineriesling, and Chardonnay. Another bliss from Župančić cellar is Kraluš, the newest brand from the homestead. This is sparkling wine but special in flavour as it contains Bermet. It will be very interesting to hear the impressions when this wine becomes widely known.

Bermet 0,75pakiranje u kutiji sa motivom samoborskog trga

Without a doubt, Župančić is among the best wineries you can visit on the Samobor Wine Road, and certainly the Decanter-level producer in Croatia. Is there any doubt whether someone should visit him?





Vina Župančić
Stara cesta 22, Mala Rakovica
+385 1 336 4264
+385 91 332 5126

Hedonism with Hedonica Brandies

Fans of Rakija will not be disappointed if they visit the homestead Hedonica, situated in Vrhovčak near Samobor. Here, Tomislav Mahović and Kristina Vugrin make truly hedonistic experience with traditional manufacturing and using only natural ingredients in producing natural brandy.

blister 4

There are so many varieties to choose from: apple, honey, plumb, hip, cherry, blueberry, walnut. Especially pleasing is the herb brandy called “Vila z Vrha”, but the owners are very proud of brandy Mihael, a premium brandy which is preserved and cultivated in oak barrels for three years!

vila z vrha vila z vrha 0,2 mala

It is no wonder then that Hedonica receives so many awards on brandy competitions. In 2014 it got the champion title for the honey brandy, golden medal for the hip brandy, and silver medals for the herb brandy, Brandywine and apple brandy. Without doubt, this homestead is something we should include in every visit to Samobor area!

hedonica (7 of 28)

hedonica (1 of 28)

Luckily, the homestead has a traditionally decorated tasting room, where you can taste and buy all Hedonica products. As true hedonists, everyone is fascinated by the stone-and-wood cellar, featuring the noble drops, and if outdoors is your way of savouring the drinks, do not despair: the homestead includes the wooden tables on a cultivated meadow; everything for a perfect day out in Homestead Mahović.



OPG Mahović
Tomislav Mahović & Kristina Vugrin

hedonica (17 of 28)

Vrhovčak 21, Samobor
Mob: +385 98 353 097
Mob: +385 98 980 1263


July 22, Momjan, Buje

Enological and cultural manifestation “In the empire of Muscat” will be held at a picturesque location in the vicinity of the medieval Momiano castle for the sixth time.

Momjanski Muškat is a dry, sweet istrian wine of a deep golden color with an aroma reminiscent of wild carnations, roses, and sage. Over the centuries, it has created its kingdom on the hills surrounding Momjan, a picturesque village near Buje.

The tasting of this typically Istrian wine is a special pleasure and its fans will get an opportunity to taste Muscats presented by the Momiano Muscateers, winemakers Kozlović, Markežić, Sinković, Prelac, and Brajko.


Apart from the tasting, the visitors will also be treated to an interesting cultural program relating to Momiano history and the Momiano castle.

The manifestation is primarily organized for purposes of valorisation of Momiano Muscat and presentation of the area of Momjan and Buje.


July 22, Karigador

Imagine a relaxing summer evening beside the sea with good company, the aroma of fresh fish on the grill and the sound of the accordion. Pay a visit to the Karigador Fish Fest on 22nd July and enjoy the Mediterranean atmosphere.

The smell and sounds of a real fish festival will spread over the little pier, alongside bay and will warm you perfectly up for the Evenings of Karigador, a traditional event of the programme on the last weekend of July. Fish specialities, Istrian wine and traditional produce along with live music will spice up the experience of the otherwise peaceful and romantic Karigador.


All of the curious amongst you who have already become acquainted with the green richness of Brtonigla will also have the chance to discover its blue, seaside. By tasting the typical seafood delicacies you will experience the local customs and the fishing tradition of this area. Warm hospitality, the local music and the idyllic bay at dusk will etch itself into everyone’s memory.

To experience all the charms of this fishing village, visit the Karigador Fish Fest! It is the best introduction to the Evenings of Karigador event where a great party and quality cuisine melt into one right beside the sea.


July 1, Vrsar/Orsera

A new festival whose intention is to preserve and nurture the local tradition, as well as to entice the protection and evaluation of the indigenous products. Also, its aim is to encourage the local caterers to persist in keeping the tradition and creativity while developing new products.

The event, held at the seafront of Vrsar, will try to bring together the traditional and contemporary of Istrian culinary specialties, drinks, and cocktails.


Numerous visitors will have the opportunity to savour the plethora of meat, fish and pasta flavours at promotional prices, while later on, they can enjoy the rich entertainment programme along with live music, excellent wines, homemade grappa and fabulously prepared cocktails.

organization: Udruga Ugostitelja Vrsar, TZO Vrsar
location: Riva Vrsar
info: +385 91 20 62 955


July 16-17, Nin

Šokolijada (the competition in producing the best Šokol – dried pork neck with spices) is an international ethnic and gastronomic event with exhibitor’s fair show which preserves exclusive gastronomic product Šokol. Manifestation starts in the beginning of the year when hard working Šokol producers prepare this unique delicacy, and ends in July by choosing a winner, tastings, Šokol feast and agricultural products fair.


Event is listed among the 100 most important in Croatia. Winning Šokolijada is a matter of prestige, and the competition is very interesting and tasteful for tourists.


July 2,  Županja

The project Our daily bread – harvesting and trashing in the past (“Kruh nas svagdašnji – žetva i vršidba u prošlosti”) comprises the three traditions of this region: culture, folklore, and gastronomy. This project presents the way people used to cut the wheat with a scythe and a sickle in the past, long before the modern machines; it shows how children played in the fields, as well as the competition of reapers and hand binders, and performance of scythe forging. The rich tourist offer also includes numerous stands with folk handicrafts, review of traditional handcrafts, rich gastro offer of the Županja region, appearances of cultural-artistic associations, driving in horse-drawn vehicles, dancing, reel, and singing.


May 29 – September 24, Fužine

In the summertime, the banks of the attractive Lake Bajer become a venue for entertainment events such as concerts or sporting events. The hosts in Fužine provide these events to supplement their visitors’ stay in this beautiful mountainous region. While the pleasant temperature of Saturday nights in the mountains caresses your skin, and music stars provide a delight for your ears, the gastronomic offer, including unusual and mysterious dishes of the Croatian mountains, will attend to your palate.


June 8-9, Selce

Ethno Selce represents Selce in a traditional setting which may be seen from the name of the event. With the rich presentation of cultural heritage, entertainment for visitors and preservation of tradition, Ethno Selce brings an abundance of positive energy and warmth to the streets of this coastal town.


The combination of irresistible charming ambience, hospitality and autochthonic products and original customs is a guarantee for your contentment and satisfaction. The fair of traditional and ecological products, old trades, traditional dishes, a presentation of the village and coastal songs and dances, national costumes and old national customs, such as straw milling or washing of laundry in a traditional way, shall present an authentic Selce and introduce visitors to a special world.