Vinodol: Between Hills and Sea

Beautiful Vinodol greets you one step away from the sea, two from the snow, meaning this big territorial difference and attractive position make ambient value of Vinodol bigger, and offers special possibilities for recreation and relaxation. Such an ecologically preserved space is important resource for adequate and continuous involvement in tourist offer.

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Vinodol – One Step from the Sea, Two from Snow


The wooden realm surrounds Vinodol Valley. Locals describe this small region by a proverb: A step away from the sea, two steps from the snow (Korak od mora, dva od sniga). Indeed, many inhabitants of Vinodol have a hut, a shed, or a house in forest nearby. It connects Vinodol with mountainous region of Gorski kotar, and adds to the experience of this place. Beautiful mountain peaks, excellent belvederes, forest paths, everything here is made for active tourism.


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Vinodol is synonymous with wine. Grape-wine has been grown in Vinodol ever since the ancient times, when it was brought here by the Romans. Since then until the 20th century, Vinodol is filled with grape-wine. However, at that time, grape-wine had been affected by the phylloxera blight, which destroyed the plantations, and this subsequently led to the great emigration from Vinodol. The plantations of grape-wine, especially of the autochthonous sort called Žlahtina have been revived only recently and the production of wine is growing again. Now it is famous wine in town Vrbnik on island of Krk, which overlooks Vinodol. The wine’s name derives from the old-slavonic word žlahten, which stands for noble.


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Vinodol features excellent place for eco-products. By chance or not, bees have spectacular view, as the beehives are settled next to the famous belvederes of Vinodol. It is here where forest and Mediterranean herb fields meet, and where family Šarar works with diligent yellow beings to make a high standard honey and honey products such as honey brandy, wax, propolis drops, and pollen. Ruža Kršul is probably one of the most energetic woman of Vinodol. Her love is not only olives, but also gastronomic tradition and heritage of small places in this valley. Making of prisnac, innovative cakes, liquors, eco-vegetables, with knowledge of history and customs, nothing is strange for her.

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Prisnac or presnac is famous and old cake in the Kvarner region. Its varieties are manifold, some consist of few ingredients, some of many; some are sweet, others are not. Among these, Bribirski prisnac stands as authentic Bribir delicacy. This dish was not cheap as it consists of many ingridients. Inhabitants of Vinodol valley used to make it for Easter holidays.

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Vinodol is perfect place for a cosy, homely, rural vacation. Enjoy in rural homes, countryside villas, forest getaways, and almost phantasy-like homesteads! This is the choice we made for you: Rural villas and homes in Vinodol



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