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Choco & Wine Festival in Brtonigla

Who is not in favour of chocolate? How about wine? In Brtonigla, a gastronomy paradise near Umag in Northwest Istria, you can easily pair both. For already five years, Tourist Board of Brtonigla prepares Choco&Wine Fest, a unique gastronomy festival in Croatia. New trends in chocolate world and local sweet delicacies have been presented together with wine champions of this Istrian municipality.

Same weekend hosted Seventh Brtonigla Adventure Trek, which gathered some 300 trekkers from several countries. Three trails, of various length and intensity, led many to appreciate the beautiful nature of this part of Istria. All of them could later come to the Brtonigla’s main square in the chocolate tent.

Sweet sense of chocolate tears the air inside, where many chocolate masters showed their expertise. Especially interesting program of cake decoration by Dragica Lukin from Vila Soši in Umag was indeed a delight. Dragica and her son Igor Lukin showed how the chocolate is rightly tempered and decorated. Vila Soši is somewhat a legendary sweet centre of Umag, dedicated to the preservation of traditional sweets and heritage of Croatian delicacies.

Choco art & show of Italian sculptor Stefano Comelli featured the chocolate jewellery, especially chocolate rings, favourite among kids and adults. As the carnival season is high, Vili Radonić from Pula made chocolate masks.

Wine was in no shortage either. Sunny weather gathered also many wine enthusiasts who indulged in wine tastings of renown Brtonigla wine makers Novacco, Veralda, and Ravalico. Istrian Malvasia and Muscat are among the best wine sorts coming from these wine cellars and go excellent with various chocolates.

The tent in Brtonigla was too small for all the guests arriving to this first gastronomy festival in the year in Istria.

Photos by: Elvis Horozović

Agritourism Ograde – Rural Peace in Middle of Istria

After two days traveling through Istria in search of good food and drink, reading of the map we find a tiny village Lindarski katun. Driving between Žminj and Pazin, with occasional of route headings on local roads, we come across closed bronze gate. And behind those gates a path stretches emphasizing the size of the property. The gate is here to ensure a deep calm provided by the hosts, and the arrival is only possible with prior notice, although you won’t be left behind closed gate if you stumble upon it. Our announcement allows us a delightful drive under the century old trees, past rural houses to the tavern and Šajina’s family house, which is also on the estate, the last house on it.


We are being greeted by a smiling owner Davorka Šajina, who was just tidying up after guest’s lunch. Ms. Davorka undoubtedly enjoys cooking, being a professional cook herself, and she will gladly praise herself for being the most prominent Croatian rural women. It is an award she received back in 2009, but already in 2007 she received an award from the Croatian Tourist Board for Employee of the Year.


These awards hang on the wall of the tavern, where dishes are often prepared under the hearthstone, as well as other authentic Istrian dishes: prosciutto, cheese, pljukanci, domestic chickens, homemade sausages, pork loin, seasonal soups and dishes with mushrooms and asparagus with other sweets. The tavern can accommodate 25 to 30 people, but sitting on the porch of the house, overlooking a field of corn or apple trees, with a glass of homemade Malvasia or Teran gives you a special sensation.


It is right here that the hosts often spend a summer evening with the guest, offering them homemade brandy from Istrian grass, as well as brandy from juniper (Smrekovača), walnut (Orahovac), honey (Medovača) or plain Biska. Cheerful companionship persists deep into the night, but the family is always ready and willing on an early morning to tend to the other residents of the estate.


Among some of the residents, there are horses, pigs, chickens and sheep. Virtue of Ms. Davorka is her love for the children, to whom she aims to convey knowledge about coexistence with animals. For that reason she welcomes preschool and primary school generations to familiarize them with the symbiosis of man, animal and nature.


But “adult children” have a lot of things to do around the farm. Šajina family organizes recreational riding through nature, as well as engaging in seasonal agricultural work such as planting, sowing, reaping the benefits, hoeing, mowing and harvesting of fruits and to circle it all preparing lunch and dinner. Agritourism is open to various cooking workshops of preparing traditional dishes, canning, spinning wool and weaving baskets, for guests as well as hikers and other nature lovers.


Accommodation is available in two separate houses. Older stone house accommodates six to eight people in three bedrooms. The area has a rustic decoration and furniture.

Agroturizam Ograde
Lindarski katun 60, Pazin+385(0)52 693 035, +385(0)98 723 442


July 22, Karigador

Imagine a relaxing summer evening beside the sea with good company, the aroma of fresh fish on the grill and the sound of the accordion. Pay a visit to the Karigador Fish Fest on 22nd July and enjoy the Mediterranean atmosphere.

The smell and sounds of a real fish festival will spread over the little pier, alongside bay and will warm you perfectly up for the Evenings of Karigador, a traditional event of the programme on the last weekend of July. Fish specialities, Istrian wine and traditional produce along with live music will spice up the experience of the otherwise peaceful and romantic Karigador.


All of the curious amongst you who have already become acquainted with the green richness of Brtonigla will also have the chance to discover its blue, seaside. By tasting the typical seafood delicacies you will experience the local customs and the fishing tradition of this area. Warm hospitality, the local music and the idyllic bay at dusk will etch itself into everyone’s memory.

To experience all the charms of this fishing village, visit the Karigador Fish Fest! It is the best introduction to the Evenings of Karigador event where a great party and quality cuisine melt into one right beside the sea.


June 24-25, Istria

Brtonigla traditionally hosts the Festival of Istrian Malvasia, the queen of regional wines. It is a refreshing, elegant wine, containing a fruity note and, thanks to its low percentage of alcohol, is ideal for consuming with light meals.


This popular festival in Brtonigla nurtures the traditional savouring of this top-quality wine, and it brings together local tastes, traditions, and entertainment. During the festivities, a little tourist train will take you on a tour of the wine cellars of the town and its environs. Guests are welcomed by renowned vintners who throw open the doors to their underground treasures, while telling tales and anecdotes of the path of thorns that leads to the creation of top-quality wine.


June 4, Pula

Homemade honey, homemade meat, homemade olive tree products, and much more – this will all be a part of Aromas and flavours of Istria (HandMade by Markat) which will be held on Pula’s market.


From 10:00 am on, spring delicacies made from homegrown potatoes, onions, mushrooms, dried sausages and various spices and herbs, with everything cooked in a huge Pula pan, will make this festival even better.


May 29, Istria

The touching beauty of Istria is best discovered with a personal oenological adventure on its wine routes. The arrival at each winemaker’s wine cellar leads through beautiful landscapes that enchant with their tales and old buildings. Each of the winemakers, led by zeal and passion, will awaken the hedonistic spirit of the visitors. He will introduce him to the world of the quirky noble liquid with interesting stories, accompanied by wine tastings and gastro/food specialties that enhance the magic in the environment of green vineyards and hot stone.


Because of these reason, mark Sunday, 29th May, from 10 a.m. to 7.00 p.m. on your calendar, because 70 renowned winemakers all over Istria are opening their wine cellars’ doors to the visitors – thus marking the Wine Day which plays an important role in promoting wine culture and creating Istria’s image as a recognizable wine destination.


During the “Open Wine Cellar Day”, wine lovers – as well as those who will become ones themselves – will have the possibility to taste the best Istrian wines and find out the way winemakers make top quality and world renowned wines by combining the traditional and modern way of growing grape vines.

Vinistra & TZ Istre
T. +385 (0)52 88 00 88


Festival of Olive Oil in Fažana

Fažana, May 7

Display of olive oil, tasting and awarding certificates and medals for the best olive oil producers takes place in picturesque Istrian town of Fažana.


Today in Fažana you can taste such quality praised through history in the offer of Fažana’s olive growers. Their olive oil made from fresh, healthy and moderately ripe, mostly autochthonous sorts, processed by using modern technologies yields the same quality which was fully controlled by Roman emperors who shared it only with those they preferred to.


This very quality is contained in the extra virgin olive oil from Fažana and is available to every dear guest, thus ensuring an even greater bond with this area. It is also important to mention that over the last 30 years these olive groves have been completely neglected, strong chemicals in fertilizers were never used, so this reveals not only a possibility of producing the finest product in nutritionist terms, but also an ecological product.


Turistička zajednica Općine Fažana – Ente turistico del Comune di Fasana 43. Istarske divizije 8, 52212 Fažana
T: +385 52 383 727 F: +385 52 383 728 E: info@infofazana.hr | www.infofazana.hr


Kršan, May 1

Krafi is a traditional dish from the surrounding area of Labin and is made from very simple ingredients – flour, fat, eggs and cheese. However, this modest Istrian cuisine is made up using imaginative creative techniques such as this sweet pastry with cheese in the shape of ravioli.


As well as making cooked and fried delicacies and tasting them you can also enjoy traditional Istrian music and folklore performances, and taste the offer of the other authentic products from this area. you can taste just part of Istria’s past with its wine, brandy, cheese, curd cheese and honey.

krafiTZ Kršan
+385 (0)52 880 155

Photo credits: Regional Express

9th Traditional Nova Vas Spring Omelette

Nova Vas-Villanova (Brtonigla-Verteneglio), May 1

Gourmet & fun event dedicated to asparagus

Event dedicated to a spring delicacy – asparagus, this year organised for the 9th time by the Luciana tavern from Nova Vas. The programme includes a rich wine and gastronomic offer, as well as an offer of local products. The event also brings the tournaments in the card games briškula and trešeta as well as the longest asparagus contest.

Konoba Luciana
+385 98 1779 813, +385 (0)52 774 295

13th School of salting pilchard

Fažana, April 30

Competition in salting pilchard, tasting and buying salted and marinated pilchard as well as pilchard dishes, lecture on the traditional way of preserving, processing and preparing pilchard.


Fažana Fishing academy “Pilchard” opens up its doors to land and sea! A specially interesting activity is its “School of salting pilchard”. It is a chance to try your hand at this old skill of the sea, cellar and kitchen, stand by the competitors who in marked tin containers arrange salted pilchard, using their knowledge handed down from generation to generation…


Children, locals, visitors, beginners and experts: they will all learn or say something about the needed amount of fish, salt, oil, spices… And after three months the tin containers will be opened and the best salted pilchard will be announced. A special occasion for tasting and a chance to talk about the choice of perfect wine for such festive occasions. In any case, the fish must be salted properly! And to know that, school is needed.


TZ Fažana
43. Istarske divizije 8, Fažana T: +385 52 383 727