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Fužine – place of lakes and magnificent cuisine

Anyone driving through the Rijeka-Zagreb motorway gives a thorough look on Fužine. The road suddenly exits the wooden and hilly teritorry just to give a glimpse of the Lake Bajer and the town of Fužine, stretching up and down the hilltop. This image invites everyone to Fužine, to enjoy the shades and cool mountain air in summer, try the fruits of the forests in autumn, celebrate the New Year at noon in winter, and hike on the numerous walking paths in spring. And while the motoway gives faster way to reach the Croatian coast from the capital Zagreb, Fužine is not new to the major transit route. It is precisely here that Karolina was built, a road that used to connect the interior with the littoral, named after the Karl III, the Habsburg king and emperor.

Bitoraj – A Temple of Game Dishes

The road was built in 1728 and was a vital heartbeat between Karlovac and the port of Bakar. it passed Fužine, a village made in 17th century when the Croatian noblemen Zrinski started to mine the iron ore. It turned out this work was not profitable, but Fužine retained its name. It comes from the Italian “fucina” or German “fusionieren”, a term denoting the mining and manufacturing the iron ore. In 1873 a railroad was made, effectively transforming and developing a wood industry here. Exactly one year later Fužine turned to be a tourism destination.

Lič – place of religion and heritage

Long ago, in 1898 travel writer Dragutin Hirc wrote: „There is no other area in the homeland where there would be so many interesting things in such a small space, as there is around Fužine. There are few areas even in foreign countries, where beauty is laid before you as in a palm of the hand. The surroundings of Fužine are magnificent, it is a true alpine region. Encircled by high hills covered in evergreen woods, there are fir groves. There are mountain ports and beaches, meadows with most luxuriant mountain and alpine flowers, there are streams, streamlets, little springs, valleys, plains, there are landscapes that elate your soul completely, there are many, many things and the attire that Fužine wears is adorned and of which it is proud.” When a famous Croatian historian Tadija Smičiklas wrote about Franjo Rački, the first president of the Croatian Academy of Sciences and Arts, he noted that he was born in the Magical Fužine!

At the time, there was no lakes around Fužine, but the area is extremely rich in water. The place has the highest annual rainfall in Croatia, and this fact was important to capture this enormous amount of water in three accumulation lakes. The oldest of these is Bajer, built in the 1950s, and a major natural tourist attraction in Fužine. One could not imagine this settlement without Bajer today. It is suitable for boat rides, canoeing, kayaking, even wind surfing. Although less known, Lake Lepenica actually has more amount of water and larger surface. Both lakes invite many anglers. People from Fužine often go to Potkos, small artificial lake on the foot of Bitoraj mountain.

Goranska borovnica – in the highland paradise of forest berries

Guests don’t roam just the countryside, they go beneath it. The area is rich with caves, from Fužine up to the neighbouring municipality of Lokve. While constructing the Lake Bajer, workers accidentally discovered the cave Vrelo. It is only 300m long, but its beauty is exceptional and it is rich with cave formations. There are walking trails and lighting inside and guests can see a beautiful mountain spring, lake, and chasm.

Because of its natural beauty, Fužine is popular for sportsmen and nature goers. There are numerous bicycle and hiking trails on Viševica (1482m), Bitoraj (1386m), Tuhobić (1109m), while less adventurous can simply climb Preradović hill, which gives a spectacular view of Fužine and its surroundings. Angling is also very popular, while those who know how to ride can experience almost unspoiled nature on a horseback. Romantics may warm up with blankets while riding a snow sledge with horse in winter, and those preferring conflicts can easily do it in the Paintball park Vrata.

Fužine Tourist Board

Phone: +385 51 835 163

Lič – place of religion and heritage

In 1733 inhabitants of Lič, now a small place near Fužine, were renovating the dilapidates St. John the Baptist Church which kept collapsing. On August 5th, in middle of summer, snow fell and covered the little chapel in which Mother of God appeared. Since then people make pilgrimages to this small chapel, now dedicated to the Virgin Mary of Snow.

The chapel stands in midst of green mountain meadow, surrounded by evergreen hills. Peacefulness of the place is only sometimes broken by birds and wind, and one can indeed feel the holiness of the site. Don’t expect some big sanctuary with lots of pilgrims. This is a small chapel, close to the St. John’s Hill, where another chapel is situated. We strongly suggest you to take a walk from Fužine or Lič and feel the pilgrimage path itself.

The church itself has a beautiful main altar with a picture of Blessed Virgin Mary of Rosary with St. Catherine of Siena and St. Dominic. These pictures were saved before the church was ruined in the Second World War, together with a cross made from white marble made in 1929. Side altars consist of St. Joseph and St. Catherine. There is also a statue of Blessed Virgin Mary with a child and statue of Holy Heart of Jesus.

In the back there is a large painting “Miracle of our Lady of Snow”, donated by Anton Hriberšek whose mother is from Lič. The painting shows the miracle itself, the moment when snow flocks came down from the starry sky.

The parish church in the village itself is dedicated to Saint George, built in 1662. It is situated above the centre of the place where the Ethnographic society “Sveti Juraj” (St. George) runs the Lič cultural-historical collection. It opened its doors to the public in 1994, the year in which Lič celebrated 150 years of schooling.

Mr Dražen Starčević, fatally in love with Lič and its surroundings, shows us the collection that preserves items that were used in these areas and that tell a story about the life and habits of the people who lived here. Lič is way older than Fužine; the settlement itself was first mentioned in 1364. In 1603 first Vlach/Bunjevci inhabitants settled here, giving it a distinctive ethnographic character.

The ethnographic department consists of ethnographic artefacts and tools used by locals in their daily lives, remains of the past hands full of blisters on the legacy passed on to the present. One can find many things here, from the working tools in the fields to the express pots and irons for the kitchen work. All of these items were used in Lič and stem from the ancestors of local people.

Next to it is a room filled with archive documents, writings, and photographs. A window to locals’ past, it shows the richness and troubles of life throughout past times. Among others, one can also see the costumes which people wore, as well as the official documents regarding the state and municipality.

Upstairs is a history department consisting of sacral treasury and the civil room. The latter is an insight in the life of a well standing civil family Kauzlarić, from the end of the 19th and the beginning of the 20th century. It is a very attractive display of antique furniture, art paintings, old tableware, ornaments, and old documents and books.

A small sacral treasury is placed in the same room, containing a significant number of sacral objects, valuable old church vestments that date from the Venetian times. and flags that need a special airtight chest.  It is a solid look into the history of the Catholic church and parish of Lič.

An unique exhibition in Gorski kotar is also a collection of ethnographic and artistic items of the peoples from Africa, Asia, and America. It is a result of a valuable donation by a vacation home owner in Lic. Physicist Guy Paic PhD who works in New Mexico, USA, following a wish of his late wife, famous television journalist Arlette Ambrozic-Paic, donated valuable art works collected on their numerous travels to the Collection. Contained mostly are objects from Africa and South America, therefore the Ethnographic association members have formed a separated display room with exhibits of non-European peoples.

By forming several display areas, the Ethnographic collection in Lic became a very respectable museum.  Today it contains more than 500 exhibits in the permanent display, and it is continuously enlarged with new objects. Indeed, the ethnographic association should be well proud of their achievments.

Lič St. George Association
+385 98 448 145 (Dražen Starčević)

Holiday House Denis, Lič

Looking for mountainside getaway? Wanting to stay in a house built with wood and stone? Then check out for the Holiday House Denis in small place of Lič near Fužine. Made in original Gorski kotar style, this home is sheer enjoyment for rural holiday lovers. The house is settled in Banovina neighbourhood, surrounded by mountain valleys and evergreen forests in the Gorski kotar highlands.



The house has three bedrooms and welcomes up to ten people. It has a living room with a beautiful rustic fireplace. The kitchen and adjoining dining room will make you believe you have stepped into a world of old hunter lodges.



Perfect for fine dining, but if you are not so sure how to make real highland lunch, Fužine is just some five minutes drive away. And if you like to make a barbecue, do not despair – the house has their own roofed grill.



Juričić Family owns this place and will help you kindly for any request. That is why they hold the Kvarner Family quality sign, a prime brand for accommodation in Kvarner region.



The house is situated in nature, and you can roam freely and let your children enjoy the thrills of meadows and mountain air. Many hiking paths and cycling trails are feature of this region, as well as the Bajer artificial lake in the very centre of Fužine.



You can rent the house in any time of the year, and it is perfect for bigger families and jolly companies wanting to celebrate any occasion.



A very rare feature is that the house can offer accommodation already for two persons on apartment basis, given the separation of the bedrooms!



Anyone looking for real mountain relaxation in any time of the year – we definitely advise you to check this holiday home.


Holiday House Denis
Banovina 26, 51323 Lič
Info: tel. +385 98/326573
mail: renata.juricic@gmail.com

Homestead Plesničar

Unmistakable scent of lavender could lead you to a small farm on the outskirts Lic. Oldest place in Fužine municipality is known for the shrine of Our Lady of the Snows, built in 1733, the year when, according to the legend, the villagers started to renovate the dilapidated St. John the Baptist Church which kept collapsing. On 5th of August snow fell again and out of snow they built a chapel and inside of which Mother of God has appeared. The shrine may have been built on the miracle, but Plesničar estate was built on the basis of the great love for nature’s gifts.


Fragrant kingdom of Plesničar family, although best known for lavender, is abundant of orchards and cranberry and the surrounding area has a wealth of natural flavours and fragrances. Family’s first lavender field was planted in 2008, and it is Lavandula angustifolia, which is extremely favourable for continental climate and mountainous region, and its properties are suitable for making edible products. So on the shelves of wooden house on the farm there can be found: elders flower syrup, eglantine syrup, lavender syrup, lemon balm soap, lavender cookies which fits perfectly with lavender brandy. Furthermore, there are sea salt with lavender, named Harmony of sea and mountains, then liqueur from elder berries and plum jam with lavender, and teas are represented by lavender tea and magic of nature that is made from the mixture of herbs.


Ingenuity of the family is best seen in the programs that they prepare on their property as well as around Lič. Each season is a new challenge. Visitors can pick medicinal herbs, flower on meadows, get familiar with forest comforts, find wild fruit. The story does not stop here; harvested fruit is then processed together in activities such as cooking jam, making cookies and the like. Programs are appropriate to the various age, interests and abilities. Coming to the fore is a spiritual component, so it is certainly uncommon to find the blessing of the womb, global meditation of woman, first held here in 2012.


By coming to this unique piece of Lič field visitor observes all the magic of nature. Clearly defined is coexistence among plants on the property and its immediate surroundings. Visitor immediately feels somewhat inexplicable connection with groves and mountains, the breeze that caresses Lič valley, and though surrounded by village, being at Plesničar feels like it is miles away from the influence of busyness and stress.


OPG Plesničar
Mob: +385 98 1955117

Apartmani Maja, Lič

Apart from being divine in its natural surroundings, Lič is also divine by the power of the Virgin Mary of Snow, whose Sanctuary is situated in this small place near Fužine. And precisely here, where on August 5th 1733 snow fell and covered the little chapel in which Mother of God appeared, you can have divine holiday in the Apartmani Maja.


The house can be rented entirely, but it also consists of two separated apartments. Together, they cater eight persons in this mountain paradise. The first apartment is a two bedroom in the attic, for four persons and with two extra beds.


Another is studio apartment for four people at the ground floor. Both apartments are cosy furnished. There is also a kitchen, with all necessary utensils, and a living room space. The interior resembles old traditional houses in the Gorski kotar, with predominant wood materials.


The surroundings will give you mountain peace as you dreamt it. Imagine waking up in the morning, while birds are singing and lush greenery of the hills around you invites you to sit at the lawn in front of the house. Wooden table there might well be the spot where you will eat your breakfast.

studio apartman-kuhinja

Under house eaves there is a fireplace where your family and friends may have a barbecue. The place has enough parking and pets are welcome.

studio apartman-soba sa kupaonom

Apartmani “Maja”
Lič 160 , 51323 Lič
Tel:: +385.51.624.972
Mob:: +385.98.320.520
E-mail: majajuricic11@gmail.com