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Štampar's Pušipel makes a wine brand of Međimurje

Pušipel is a precious wine sort for Međimurje and Northern Croatia, and this is confirmed this year with a record number of awards from world wine grading.

The latest quality assurance for Winery Štampar and their wine Štampar Pušipel Classic 2018, arrived in the form of a silver medal on one of the world's most prestigious wines - the Decanter World Wine Awards. David Štampar, a graduate agronomist, heir to the founder of the new vineyard era, points out that he is very proud that the prize has come for that sort because it gives its best results in Međimurje.

It is a light and vivacious wine, with a beautiful and clear yellowish greenish colour, a well-filled and rounded taste with a mild alcohol content. Perhaps the most beautiful part of his taste is a retrp-flavour of distinctly fruity character, with a certain sweetness as a result of acidic sweet play and a pleasantly serous finish. This fresh summer wine served at a temperature of 10 to 12ºC is blended perfectly with fish, white meat, rice, pasta with cheese and lamb sauces.

The Međimurje winemakers are not the only ambassadors of this sort. Here is as well Siniša Lasan, ASI Gold Certificate, Advanced Sommelier, CMS, WSET 3, Sommelier Champion of Croatia 2017, 2014, which Pušipel characterizes as follows: "Pušipel is of utmost importance for the Međimurje vineyard. As a variety, it is very grateful for all the styles of wine - from sparkling wine, peaceful wines, late berries, and predicates. With the sommelier perspective, its most important characteristics are freshness and minerality. Wines are generally lightweight, with a lower percentage of alcohol, harmonic acids and pleasant fruity. Pušipel should be chilled to 10 degrees and mix it with lighter dishes such as fish carpaccios, pasta with lighter sauces, poultry. In the future I definitely see a lot of space on Croatian wine scene for the Pušipel because of these features. "

In the glass of the Štampar Pušipel Classic 2018, the fragrances, tastes and character of the rich Terroirs of Međimurje and northern Croatia are summarized. Along with Pušipel, the fertile north of Croatia can be savoured with the aromatic Štampar Sauvignon 2018, light and lively wine, bright and pale yellowish colour and rich scent.

Although, for the needs of the domestic market, Štampar Winery focuses on international varieties, when export is concerned, the most sought after are Pušipel and Graševina, which is why they invest heavily in their promotion and branding. Also, tourists coming to Croatia are striving for original flavours that reflect the character of the region they come from and talk to his story. For this reason, these high-quality autochthonous varieties often find their place in top restaurants such as the Šibenik’s Pelegrini, which, with its original Recipes of Vitamin Sauvignon 2018, offers its guests a unique oeno-gastronomic experience.



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