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Štrukli in Le Bistro

The Esplanade Hotel in Zagreb offers this unique meal all year round, but every January at Le Bistro in cold winter days, the Days of hot, baked Štrukli start.

This traditional specialty from the Zagorje region, created in the landscape of the Zagorje hills, covered with picturesque pastures and fields, has earned its place in the culinary offer of the Esplanade Hotel in Zagreb. The štrukli were first prepared at the Esplanade Hotel back in 1951, and it all started with the idea of ​​offering guests at gala events something attractive, original and well-proven from different parts of Croatia. Culinary experts have recognized the value of national dishes as the most appealing invitation for guests who want to enjoy local delicacies, and since then, štrukli has become part of the Esplanade menu. Crossing the path from rural cuisines to elite restaurants, this delicious treat has reached the top of the range thanks to its quality, handmade craftsmanship and local tradition. Esplanade štrukli were tasted by a number of famous guests, including foreign statesmen, royal family members, athletes, actors, singers and others. Numerous media outlets have written about them in the remotest parts of the world.

Esplanade chef Ana Grgić says: “Štrukli are made by hand. The dough is kneaded and stretched across the table until it is quite thin, like a sheet. It is then filled with fresh cheese and formed with a thin porcelain plate. It is then steamed and baked with a fine cream in the oven until the štrukli turns golden. They are consumed as an appetizer, main course or as a dessert with sugar. And this year, especially during the Croatian Presidency of the Council of the European Union, I believe that Esplanadine štrukli will be one of the top gourmet treats we will be preparing for our guests.”


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