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15. International Prosciutto Fair in Tinjan

The impressions of the 15th ISAP International Prosciutto Fair held from Friday October 13 to Sunday October 15 in Tinjan are being summed up, and the shortest summary of the whole story is that this is the richest, most comprehensive and most successful edition of ISAP so far, which only proves that this the great event raises the bar of its quality every year. Over three days, ISAP was visited by more than 23,000 people, and dozens of tons of prosciutto were sliced in an environment of excellent mood.

Visitors to ISAP came from all over Croatia and from numerous other European countries, mostly Slovenia and Italy. Everyone found their favorite, or even more, in those huge quantities of sliced prosciutto, because all of them were the best prosciutto from Croatia, Slovenia, Austria, Italy, Portugal, Spain and Montenegro, which were presented by about 40 producers.

As a reminder, the champion of this year's fair is the Istrian prosciutto of Prosciutto Daniele from Višnjan, which is also the champion in the category of Istrian prosciutto. Champion titles were also won in the category of Dalmatian prosciutto by Mesnica Lukin from Zadar, in the category of smoked prosciutto by Nira from Pakovo Selo near Drniš, and in the international category by Montenegrin prosciutto from the company Montstate from Cetinje.

In a relaxed atmosphere in which gastronomic pleasures, numerous interesting things, education, sports and entertainment were interwoven, about a hundred different other producers presented their offers on the fairgrounds. There were also attractions such as panin with prosciutto, an incredible 15 meters long, which was made by the Mlinar bakery, on the occasion of the 15th anniversary of ISAP, and the panin was eaten by visitors after it was sliced by the mayor of Tinjan Municipality, Goran Hrvatin, together with his colleagues.

Numerous interesting workshops and tastings were held during the fair, and there were also two guided tastings called "Prosciutto and wine", which were taken care of by experts from the Association of Sensory Analysts Gustus and took the participants on a unique gastronomic journey. All these events, as well as the entire ISAP, were accompanied by winemakers with their top wines, completing the impression with the best wine flavors of Istria.

During the three days, visitors could also vote for the best prosciutto of their choice, so after the votes were counted, the absolute winner of the audience on the last day of the fair was prosciutto from the Dalmatian prosciutto of Delicia Aria. The entire event was marked by an extremely rich supporting program, so on Saturday a competition in old-fashioned plodding was held, while young and old enjoyed the 5 km long adventure race "Lidvina's story - the search for prosciutto".

Despite the relatively bad weather, a bicycle race was held on Sunday, and great interest was caused by the Swap cornhole tournament ISAP 2023. It was attended by 50 experienced players who showed their skills through great fellowship and with many curious visitors, many of whom were playing for the first time. encountered this sport and were immediately delighted.

Of course, everything was marked by a lot of good music and well-attended concerts, so on the first day, a large audience sang and danced with Severina and the Replay band, on the second day, Night Express and Luka Basi received a standing ovation, and on the third day, Gustafi fired up the party to the max .

Tekst: Branka Mihaljinec,

Fotografije: Sebastijan Skoko i Boris Baran


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