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Ogulin - Homeland of Fairytales

In the center of the continental Croatia, at the crossroad of Gorski Kotar and Lika, in the wide valley lies the town of Ogulin. The wealth of strange natural forms, the beauty of forests, rivers and lakes, magnificent sights and turbulent historical events they call you in a creative break in the fairy tale homeland. The best way to explore and experience Ogulin region is a direct route to take a Fairytale road by car, bicycle, motorcycle, on foot…

Starting point is the Park of King Tomislav, a favorite gathering place for Ogulin ihabitants of all ages, where you can learn about cultural and historical monuments and unusual natural forms of the city center.

In the park, which today shows only a partial classicist foundation, there is a monument to first Croatian King Tomislav. It was erected on the 1,000th anniversary of the coronation of King Tomislav. In the park is found the Cesarovac spring, of classical design, a monument to the first waterworks in Ogulin. It was built in 1882 thanks to the efforts of General Franjo baron Filipović. The bust of Ivana Brlić Mažuranić was placed near Cesarovac in 1974 on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the author’s birth.

Following open cave educational path you can explore the 16 km long cave system – Đula. Discover the secrets Frankopan Castle and the Regional Museum and explore the turbulent history of never subjugated city.

Ogulin is intimately connected to the noble family of Frankopan. The town is founded by count Bernardin Frankopan, once the most powerful nobleman in his time. He built the castle above Dobra river, today the most recognisable sight of the city. This happened sometime around year 1500. Soon afterwards, Ogulin became the seat of a regiment in the Military border (Vojna krajina), being an important military fort in fightings against Ottoman armies.

Thus, the military spirit is strong in this region. As Ogulin was never conquered, in 2004 local people made a historical regiment called Frankopan Guard, in memory of Bernardin Frankopan and other brave ancenstors. They wear the uniforms, insignia, and arms according to the sources from 1757.

Multimedia and interactive visitor center Ivana’s House of fairy tale, with its permanent exhibition that celebrates the fairy tale and creativity of Ivana Brlić Mažuranić and other Croatian and world storytellers, will inspire you to a creative creation. With local storytellers explore the rich legacy of legends that have been woven into every corner of the Ogulin region.

If you want to actively spend your holidays there are two regional and two local cycling routes, walking and swimming in the lake Sabljaci and hiking trails, the most famous hiking trail in Klek – the cradle of Croatian mountaineering!

The best known destination for mountaineers is definitely Klek with its highest peak of 1,181 metres. Its 200 m high vertical rock is a challenge to any alpine climber. Mountaineering paths are well marked, and the best known towards Klek are: from Ogulin (about 3 hours walking), from Bjelsko (about 40 minutes walking to the climbers’ lodgings), from Hreljin (about 6 hours walk over Vitunj), and the mountaineering path at Kneja and Stožac – from Ogulin – (about one and a half hours walking). Jasenak is the starting point for mountaineering towards Bijele and Samarske Stijene, and Bjelolasica, while one can start walking from Jasenak towards Bjelolasica and the village of Vrelo.

Sweeten your holiday seasonal flavors of local cuisine in an authentic atmosphere Ogulin restaurants, a perfect weekend for the available hotel accommodation, camping or in the house … Come on, here we are – at your fingertips!

Ogulin Tourist Board Kardinala A. Stepinca 1 , 47300 Ogulin +385 47 532 278


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