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Broz Winery

The Broz family is world famous, but besides Marshall Tito and his family, there are other Brozs who care for viticulture and tourism in Zagorje. One such family runs Broz vinery and an inn in centre of Klanjec, in a same house where famous Croatian linguist Ivo Broz was born. What is indeed very special is that Broz family has eco-production of wine on southern slopes of Cesargrad hill.

Thus, Broz’s graševina has a distinctive aroma of apples, without sulphur, and is kept in inox barrels with cooling on ideal temperature of 7-8 degrees. The estate itself has a klet (traditional Zagorje wooden house in the vineyards) where guests can taste the wine, but also visit the animal realm with deer, horses, goats, and ducks. There are also guest rooms where you can sleep over.

We were greeted in the Klanjec inn by Mrs Broz who told us more about the wine sorts under Cesargrad, including the famous sokol wine. The inn is made in local style and is for sure a very good place for brunches (gablec). But the guests can also enjoy much more elaborate traditional meals at Broz’s.

Apart from žganci (polenta), štrukli, cottage cheese with sour cream (and with local addition of sugar to it), duck with mlinci, veal baked under the lid, and roasted pork are favourite delights. Duck (raca) was always more accessible than turkey in Zagorje, although the later is more famous. But the locals even prefer duck more, as the turkey is dry. In Broz vineyard you can even try duck roasted on spit, assured delicacy for eyes and for palate!

OPG Broz Lijepe naše 24, Klanjec 00385 49 550 169 | 00385 98 212 022 | 00 385 98 275 842

Photos by: Andrea Seifert, and Family Broz


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