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Istraorganic - Immortal gifts of nature

Updated: Feb 19, 2019

We were sitting in the centre of Kanfanar, reading the tourist prospect about this small Istrian place. Suddenly we found a small leaflet about the Istra Organic company. Very promising and interesting story about the local herbs and oils is walking distance away. Before we have ventured off to that direction, we asked the locals if they know about it. They've pointed to the local municipality where Mr Emanuel Červar works. His wife and he are owners of a very valuable small manufactory.

„Istraorganic“ is protected the brand of family Červar, based on love for bees and their products and more than ten years of experience in cosmetics and face treatments. It rediscovers and connects the best natural raw materials used for centuries all over the world. These materials give healthy and efficient anti-age care. What it really is we’ve found out in the Červar’s laboratory, where Mrs Žana Červar showed us the products of this family-run company.

The most important basis is cold pressed and organic certified oils coming from Africa, Asia, South America. Some very exotic fruits, nuts, herbs, and pits are used to produce excellent, mild, and natural skincare products. And their smell is just wonderful! Granted, the price is somewhat higher and the products have limited expiration date, but it is because large cosmetic companies cannot afford to sell massively such creams and sprays, as the raw products are very rare and expensive.

Part of this organic splendour is also the bees. Honey products come from the heart of Istria, as Červars have their beehives around Pazin. It is a pastureland rich with healthy herbs. Herbs coming virtually from the house’s yard is used to make a lavender and elderberry juice, as well as the lavender and honey cookies. But the real prize-winning thing is surely immortelle.

Immortelle is domicile king of herbs that grow only in the Mediterranean. In Istria, it is often found, especially on the eastern coast of the peninsula. People used to pick this plant for generations and use it in various ways as it is good for skin and was always a part of folk medicine. Istraorganic uses it as the best anti-age essential oil. For its characteristics and the fact that it doesn’t fade easily even if it is picked, it is called immortelle – immortal. No wonder it is used in pharmaceutical industry for many cures!

Because of the war in Syria, once one of the largest producers of immortelle, other Mediterranean countries, including Croatia, started to plant more immortelle. Červars have 200ha of immortelle in a nearby field. Here is this noble plant picked in a time of greatest heat, when the essential oil is best extracted from immortelle. It is then used to treat wrinkles, thighs, haematomas, enlarged and inflammatory veins, thrombosis, haemorrhage, sports injuries, scars, keloids, stretch marks, skin allergies, atopic dermatitis, psoriasis, rheumatoid arthritis, and the list goes on.

In this picturesque part of Istria is indeed done a remarkable job of caring for our health and body. No wonder that Istraorganic has more than two thousand registered customers and even more fans. You can become one if you contact them here:

Istraorganic j.d.o.o.

16 rujna 16a , 52352 Kanfanar, HR, CROATIA

00 385 98 327 396


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