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Croatian winemaker awarded with golden and silver Decanter medal

For the second year in a row, Istrian winemaker Franković was awarded the gold and silver medal at the world's prestigious Decanter World Wine Awards in London. The gold Decanter medal award went for this year's excellent matured Malvasia Franković Korona Sur Lie 2016, and the silver medal was awarded to Franković Teran 2017.

Franković Korona Sur Lie 2016 is a wine that gives with its creamy texture full taste and long-lasting aftertaste that remains indelible in its memory. The wine is characterized by the refined and beautiful interplay of honey, vanilla and oak on the palate. Franković Teran 2017 is a wine that carries a fine, pronounced and persistent aroma with fruity layers of sour cherry and cherry. It is still a young Teran that will spend some time in barrique barrels. The author of the Franković wine is Mr. Josip Franković, owner of this winery, who gives his wines a personal touch, believing that wine production is an art that lives and feels. Family work includes younger family members, daughter Laura and son Mario.

In addition to the award-winning wines at the World Champion Decanter Wine Awards 2018, the sparkling wine Stella is presented, characterised by its high purity, joyful and lively character. Stella is extremely harmonious, long-lasting taste. People could taste also other fresh wines, Franković Malvazija 2017 and Franković Sauvignon 2017. Franković Malvazija 2017 is a balanced wine, a delicious and pleasant fragrance, delightful and with pleasant freshness, so typical for the young Istrian Malvasia. Franković Sauvignon 2017 is a light, aromatic wine that combines fruity aromas of peach and pineapple, accompanied by light floral hues.

Franković also presented his Luna d'Oro Muscatel from Momjan, a real artwork for everyone's palate, rewarded with a gold medal at the Decanter World Wine Awards last year. Dessert wine Luna d'Oro is made by special methods of dried grapes - passito. The wine is characterized by a sweetness with a rich grape and dried fruit character that gives an incredible full aroma.

The winery and Mr. Josip Franković also have a special story. In addition to love for viticulture and wine, Josip Franković inherited his father's passion for horses and riding. This passion is also printed in the name of Franković wines through the names Korona, Stella and Luna Bianca in the names of certain wines. The Franković vineyards are located in one of the most exquisite places in Istria, but also in Croatia, on the strip of land from Buje to Brtonigla, in the position of Santa Lucia. The locality is known for the white Istrian soil, where it grows grapes that produce extraordinary wine.

Loads of praise for Franković's quality wines are coming from different sides and from different tasters and experts, which means Frankovic's winemaking is undeniably on the right track. The continuity of success is certainly a confirmation of the excellence that the family cherish.

Photos: Morana Popovčić Text: Danira Orešić,



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