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Croatia: The Cookbook

In Zagreb's Dubravkin put Restaurant, the project "Croatia - The Cookbook" was presented as the edition of Croatian gastronomy with more than 150 top dishes of the best Croatian chefs. The project of monography of Croatian gastronomy brought together the most important experts of the Croatian gastronomic scene. The link between the fans, locals and farmers has led to the creation of a book that is important for the future of Croatian gastronomy, and the book remains a pledge for future generations.

"We found it extremely important in the period when the Croatian gastro scene is growing stronger, to make an overall project to define what is Croatian gastronomy, and how to brand Croatia as a gastronomic and tourist destination. The project where we gathered the most important actors of the Croatian gastro-scene is the orientation for the future. Croatia's gastro scene definitely has great potential, and our monograph will prove it, "said Ana Marija Žužul, creative director of the Croatia's Cookbook.

The creator of the project, the famous Croatian chef Mate Janković, managed in his own way to bring together 36 Croatian chefs each of whom gave their 4 recipes. With 500 pages, this book is a visual journey through Croatia, with over 150 photographs of landscapes, food and atmosphere throughout the region. The cuisine is divided into four Croatian regions: Istria, the northern Croatian coast and Gorski Kotar, Central Croatia, Southern Croatian coast - Dalmatia and Eastern Croatia.

'It was not easy to gather so many relevant chefs for Croatian gastronomy. The authors interpret Croatian traditional dishes and the tradition of cooking, and try to define what authentic Croatian cuisine is, given the effects under which it was born, "explained Mate Janković. Chefs come from the 33 best Croatian restaurants, and together they have created 155 recipes of appetizers, main courses and desserts. Chefs who worked on the book were Rudi Štefan, David Skoko, Andrej Barbieri, Priska Thuring, Deniz Zembo, Zdravko Tomšić, Danijel Đekić, Goran Kočiš, Hrvoje Zirojević, Ante Udovičić, Damir Modrušan, Damir Tomljanović, Marin Rendić, Matija Bregeš, Nikola Helija, Deni Srdoč, Nenad Posavac, Teo Fernetich, Marijo Čepek, Ana Grgić, Raul Lajtman, Petra Jelenić, Hrvoje Kroflin, Marko Palfi, Goran Stanisavljević, Marko Gajski, Eta Gverović, Mate Janković, Daniela Kramarić, Smiljana Matijaca, Ivan Pažanin, Braco Sanjin, Ivan Tomašević, Željko Kovčalija, Branimir A. Tomašić and Goran Sirovec.

The Cookbook has Croatian and English edition.


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