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Beautiful Medea Wines

Medea wines and Vivat fine wines organized the first tasting of the new vintage wine of Medea Punta Greca. In addition to the new harvest of Punta Greca, the Medea sparkling wine and Medea Montiron Malvasia were tried as aperitif wines.

The presentation was led by winery winemaker Marko Krstačić. Champagne Medea brute was made of Malvasia by the charmat method (drip in the tank) with eight grams of sugar and 11.5% of alcohol. Montiron is a Malvasia hybrid of fresh and whitewashed Malvasia It comes from the 36 years old vineyards. The grapes are picked quite late, at the end of September, with a yield of 1.5 kg. Maceration takes 15 hours in cold and then eight percent of it goes into a wooden barrel and the rest is in stainless steel. Every year, 12,000 bottles are filled and this year 14,000 are bottled.

Punta Greca's vintage 2015 is a limited and hand-held series of 8043 Merlot bottles. Punta Greca cape on the peninsula of Marlera is the most southern of Istria's vineyard. The vineyard area is 3.4 hectares and the number of gravel is 25 400. The ground is red and sand with a significant amount of clay. The vineyard is near the sea and exposed to winds on both sides. The vines are low due to the bura wind for which the defensive barrier was made. It is picked in the middle of September. Maceration is 14 days, then it goes into stainless steel, and after two precipitations into the wood. The calyx is two years old and, after blending, it is bottled for three months.

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