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Vino i Kino in Bornstein

Updated: Feb 19, 2019

Wine and Kino - Here We Go Again, journalists and guests of the Bornstein wine shop in the magical embrace of wine and films, have come out from the summer and have welcomed the fall. For the top 5 Croatian wines, they sought "perfect match" in film scenes, and with the occasional Abba’s hits and snacks that were specially made for this evening in Noel, one of the most popular restaurants in Zagreb, they evoked memories of a summer they remembered forever.

It was a great opportunity to introduce five wines to the audience, which will take us into the wine-growing autumn months, and this space is ideal for that, said Jelena Bulum, who has been blending wine and films for four years now. The guest of this edition was Nenad Trifunović – Vinopija who shared with Vino and Kino’s guests his knowledge about his Wine study room and blog.

The evening was opened with the Pušipel sparkling wine Pozoj brut 2015 of the Dvanajščak-Kozol winery. With the refreshing aroma of that sparkling wine, its citrus notes and notes of the song “I can still recall our last summer” we sailed to the Greek island of Kalamaki with 2008 movie “Mamma mia”, a film showing female stubbornness ready to be caught in all social stereotypes. It is exactly like this sparkling wine, gentle but courageous, and its very name Pozoj in Međimurje dialect means “dragon”.

The second wine was Miloš Rose made of Plavac mali 2017, a wine that has in a short span of time moved the boundaries, so we had to go a little further away to the exotic Thailand and Maya Beach, a beautiful setting that changed Richard’s life; Richard being, of course, the protagonist of The Beach movie (2000). The message of this blend was that until you arrive in Thailand or a similar destination, enjoy the rose of the Miloš family from Ponikve in Pelješac peninsula.

The third wine was Trapan Malvazija Uroboros 2015 that continued to raise the atmosphere when Bruno Trapan came just for this event from Istria to Zagreb. It is a wine whose vibrations could be felt through the glass, and when it is served with the rhythms of Ry Cooder’s “All Shook up”, we can really follow the skilled bartender Brian Flanagan while he is shuffling cocktails in a hit movie from 1980ies, Cocktail.

The fourth wine Matuško Dingač 2013 comes from one of the largest wineries on Pelješac and the most appreciated wine positions for the Plavac mali – Dingač. The wine that would perfectly fit an evening in an attractive female company fits also the Italian comedy “A Little Bsiness in the South” (2013). In this movie ex-prostitute (Barbora Bobulova) in dialogue with the former priest (Roco Papaleo) is crushing the last taboo.

And for the end, wine that is produced in vineyards overlooking the most filmed hill in Croatia. In Kaldir, close to Motovun, there is the Benvenuti winery from which came to us the Corona Grande 2015. The dessert wine of late harvest, the blend of Istrian Malvazija, Moscato and Ulovina, brought the aromas and colours of the early autumn that lived on canvas with one of the most successful scenes from the hit movie Mamma mia – Here We Go Again (2018) and the song “When I kissed the teacher”. It was the last wine to taste the autumn!


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