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Autumn Tastes in Gradska Pivnica Ivanić

Updated: Nov 23, 2020

On a rainy autumn day, Americans usually rush to nearby restaurants to indulge in tomato soup with grilled cheese, accompanied by a drizzle of raindrops, draining American tomato supplies. But, swimming in the fantasy of the taste of pumpkin soup prepared by Božica, the chef of Gradska pivnica Ivanić (Town’s Beerhall), listening to the subtle sounds of rain coming from outside, we thought that every American would enviously watch how this Ivanićgrad pub represents autumn on a plate.

Gradska pivnica Ivanić has been operating since 1996, when its primary function was to be a beerhall and a mini brewery. Of course, the top craft beer, Crafter's, will still be on the table and will be a nice break between snacks of delicious combinations that today make this brewery a great place to enjoy. And this October in Ivanić-Grad, despite the unfortunate circumstances, the sixteenth Bučijada (Festival of Pumpkins) was successfully held, at which the pumpkin was presented in all forms that the human mind can think of. It is a continuation of the fruitful ideas of the Tourist Board of the City of Ivanić-Grad. Gradska pivnica Ivanić successfully follows the wavy course of changes, adapting its menu to thematic and timely motives. That is how the pumpkin shone in a really wide range of menu tastes.

In a turkey roll stuffed with roasted pumpkin cream, cheese and red fresh paprika with roasted pumpkin, in Paris-style breaded chicken with pumpkin seeds and creamy mashed potatoes and pumpkin sauce, with a great pumpkin burger Bučko, paired with marinated roasted pumpkin cubes, bacon, cheese, onions, roasted red peppers, lettuce with beer sauce or dessert pumpkin filling, pumpkin shone like an autumn queen. Chef Božica has been successfully designing the restaurant's themed offer for seventeen years, and she says that, regardless of the fact that the same pumpkin pie is repeated from year to year, new pumpkin creations should be designed every time so that guests come back for more surprises.

And this year Pivnica caught the attention of guests with a picnic area located in the courtyard of the beerhall, decorated with pumpkins of different colours and shapes, as well as straw creations that symbolize the rural and field atmosphere, allowing guests to relax and escape from the hustle and bustle. The children happily played with pumpkins during this month, and the parents were ready to wait in line to provide their family with a unique experience. In the zone, food is served in special baskets filled with delicious food in biodegradable packaging.

Tons of pumpkin are produced for the needs of the pumpkin pie, and any of it ends up in the kitchen of the city pub - of course, all from home cultivation, in cooperation with the local family farms. In Pivnica, they are strict when it comes to the origin of the food used, because, as they say, it is home-made and incomparable with the product from the shelves of a large supermarket. And honestly, everything we got on the plates was glowing with homeliness! We grabbed Zagorje and pumpkin soup several times, unaware of the taste and abundance just after the presented dishes - the conclusions of the tasting were reduced to the surprise of pumpkin adaptability as a food - whether placed in a roll of meat or poured over a delicious breaded chicken, it successfully found its place in every metamorphosis. And we admit, we were also surprised by the softness of the venison steak marinated in red wine and cranberry sauce.

As we browsed through the pumpkin pie, our delicious dessert, which was the end of a pleasant Saturday gathering, Massimo's Little Circle of Great People played. And indeed, such an impression was left by this pub on us - a small team of great, creative and hardworking people who are patiently waiting for your visit to provide you with the delicacies of Ivanićgrad food in a pleasant, traditionally decorated wooden setting. Even if you are late for this year's Bučijada, which ends in October, a new, winter offer is waiting for you soon, and run into Pivnica yourself (if you are from Zagreb - you have a train!) And find out what will shine on the menu!

City pub Ivanić

Savska 15, Ivanic-Grad

Tel. +385 (0) 12888840, +385 (0) 98275124

Photos: Daniel Milošević

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