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Bio Hemp Oil Conquers Croatia

A young farmer from Đakovo, Zvonimir Kalić, took over the family farm a few years ago. Today, 2,000 pieces of his Croaticanna BIO hemp oil, on the order of SPAR Croatia, are on the shelves of this retail chain. Viewers were able to get to know Kalić's life and entrepreneurial path in the TV show of the second season of the "Start Croatia" project.

Zvonimir Karlić produced BIO Croaticanna hemp oil, which is produced by cold pressing of hemp seeds. It is a seed that has grown in strictly controlled ecological conditions. The quality of Croaticanna oil is confirmed by three certificates and a guarantee stamp: "Living Healthy" as an indicator of low content of salt and saturated fatty acids and BIO and VEGAN labels. Croatican products are obtained mainly by hand.

Zvonimir Kalić recognized the opportunity to improve his product through the socially responsible project "Start Croatia", launched by SPAR Croatia and Nova TV to help innovative entrepreneurs and startups to place their products on the shelves of a large retail chain. In addition to the expert team of SPAR Croatia, he collected the necessary documentation and certificates for the environmental inspection body and harmonized other parts of the production process with strict requirements to make such placement possible.

SPAR then ordered 2,000 BIO pieces of Croaticanna hemp oil from Zvonimir Kalić, which is now on special "blue shelves" in all INTERSPAR hypermarkets and selected SPAR supermarkets throughout Croatia. After introducing himself to the audience, Zvonimir is now, together with the remaining seven candidates, fighting for the title of HIT product 2022. The continuation of this project can be watched on Sunday at 18.15 on the Nova TV program.


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