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Dessert with Traminac

Shortly before the "attack" of the coronavirus at the last Wine Talks in Procaffe in Zagreb, led by journalist Tomislav Stiplošek and dedicated to Erdut wines, he introduced a young confectioner Božidar Akrap who paired the icy harvest of Traminer, fragrant wine of Erdut vineyards, with a variant of cheesecake recipe.

"Božidar Akrap is a pastry chef who has been running a pastry division in an a la carte hotel restaurant since he was less than 18 years old. Why is this important? He proves that there are phenomenal young people in this country who know how to work at a very high level of quality. they want to work and, of course, they need the support of the environment for that, "Stiplošek pointed out. Božidar Akrap fell in love with confectionery in primary school, mostly because of the opportunities and creativity that this profession offers. He graduated from the Catering and Tourism College in Zagreb, majoring in confectionery; he did his internship first in the Ema confectionery in Malešnica and later in restaurant Dubravkin put, where he learned from Robert Bašić, and was additionally educated in France and Poland as part of the Erasmus + project. He became a Bluesun scholarship holder and, after finishing three years of school, got a job at their a la carte restaurant De Lucau, in Brela, under the mentorship of Ružica Jukičić. He is currently an intern with Robert Hromalić in the confectionery Le Kolač. Already now his cakes are at a high level and what the audience of Wine Talks could see for themselves, has a fantastic sense of sweetness, ie the most important thing, that the cakes are delicious, fluttery and not too sweet. He is currently focusing on education and work on himself, and the next step is enrolling in one of the French schools of confectionery.

The cake that the audience of the Wine Talks had the opportunity to taste for the base had an almond and nutmeg crumble; it was followed by parfait cream cheese flavoured with rosemary and the final layer of the cake was cherry gel which gave the cake the necessary acidity. He decorated the cake with almonds and mint leaves.



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