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Drama with Coffee in Drama

Verses are the voice of the soul, conquering many hearts, with them one is being born of love and is sharing happiness. The smell of coffee, the touch of the feathers and the embrace of inspiration are the guiding principle of this year's Julius Meinl global campaign: "Pay coffee with the verse", which every year on March 21, on International Poetry Day inspires thousands of people around the world to write verses.

As a result of their inspiration, media representatives arrived at the Zagreb Drama Bar, together with several artists such as Hrvoje Klobučar, Goran Grgić and Iva Visković who shared their inspiration. Those inspired were helped by the young artist Deniss Grgić, and together they wrote a song that announced this year's campaign. For the sixth year, Julius Meinl invites all coffee lovers to embrace their inspiration and print their verse on paper and pay in such a way their coffee or tea. The campaign is being conducted in more than 40 countries and in Croatia, lovers of coffee can arrive on March 21 in one of the 150 Julius Meinl partner catering facilities and replace their favourite drinks with their favourite poem. The list of locations that are included in the campaign can be viewed on the web site:

"We often collaborate with artists because our coffee is not just a caffeine drink, but for centuries it has been a source of inspiration for many poets, artists, and everyone else who reveals the song of their soul. Art has been present in the last 157 years subtly through the design of our cups, logos and packaging. We are proud that the tradition of the culture of the Vienna cafe, whose ambassadors, protected UNESCO as immaterial heritage in 2012, "said Luigi Simonetta, CEO of Julius Meinl Croatia. He also introduced a new product - the Classic Collection Orient Express mix. Julius Meinl's experts devised this coffee especially for Croatia. It is also the first time that a local product is created for one market.


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