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Eating Voices

Updated: Oct 31, 2021

We all like to taste new things and enjoy in culinary achievements of our own. While the famous chefs and kitchen mamas in local homesteads define the gastronomy scene, ordinary people like ourselves make miracles in kitchens too!

In the time of global lockdown, due to coronavirus pandemic, we were deprived of something we cherish so much - to travel and taste the world! Still, modern technology brings us imaginative lifestyles from all around the world. That is how our project "Eating Voices" came to be. In it, we talk to people from all corners of our planet, we find out how they prepare meals, what is their favourite and how they passionately talk about their place of living. These are people who love foods but are not chefs themselves, pretty much like ourselves. Join us in this endeavour!

Eszter Baričević-Tamaskó is a lecturer of the Hungarian language at the University of Rijeka, who at the beginning of October 2021 designed a very interesting open-air exhibition. The exhibition "Not only rigojanči… Prominent values ​​of Hungary" brought Hungarian culture and language closer to the people of Rijeka, especially gastronomy, which was the main reason why Mrs. Eszter and I hung out in the pleasant space of the Papalina restaurant on Trsat in Rijeka!

Morocco is a country with a powerful tradition of hospitality, generosity and openness. From the shores of the Atlantic and the Mediterranean, Morocco stretches to the high Atlas Mountains and the Sahara Desert. Visitors are fascinated with medieval perseverance of Fez, vivid Marrakesh, and romantic Casablanca, but equally interesting to visit is the Kingdom’s capital Rabat. Situated on the Atlantic shore, this town of grand avenues, mosques and monuments features the story of Moroccan chic and modernity. One of its inhabitants is Mohamed Lhamrani to whom we talk in another interview of “Eating Voices”.

Cristiano Dias lives today in Zagreb, capital of Croatia, but he comes from the federal state of Paraíba in Brazil’s Northeast. This is Brazil you may not have heard much of much, as tourism is not so developed as in southern parts of this great country. The coast features beautiful beaches and exuberant culture that blends samba, reggae and African influences. The semi-arid region inland, the sertão, kept old traditions and legends of this part of Brazil. Paraíba, a state developed as a major sugar producer, is particularly known for its wonderful beaches, and its capital João Pessoa is one of the oldest cities in Brazil, founded in 1585.

On the far eastern coast of Canada is the small province of Nova Scotia. Famous for its seafood and farming, it is also home of Nora Didkowsky. She talks about flavours and enjoyments on this rugged coast, coupled with a new life in Swiss Alps!

Read all about Nora here:

The scorching heat of south Pakistan is also a place where megalopolis Karachi offers a home to almost 15 million people. One of them is Muhammad Patel whose favourite thing is making sweets and cakes and thus brings a smile to the people of Karachi!

Read all about Muhammad here:

From grape juice, Korean kimchi and doughnuts to craft and artisan culinary achievements, Staci Martin loves gastronomy scene of her town Portland, Oregon. She says you would be surprised as well, as Portland is known to spoil fans of foods and drinks!

Read all about Staci here:


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