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Enjoy the Međimurje's Pušipel

Twentieth Urbanovo, a wine festival, was held from 17 to 19 May in Štrigova in ​​Međimurje, where the 11th Pušipela Festival was held. There were 24 winemakers and 12 exhibitors of wine-growing equipment. The guests were the Faculty of Agriculture and the Lendwines group from Slovenia, where young Lendava winemakers Bojan Kulcar, Simon Vuk and Peti Laller were present.

After the champion rating in the category of wine, the regular harvest is Pušipel Mađerka 2018 Cmrečnjak family from Svet Urban and Champion champion Penina Šipon Brut 2017. Egon Krampača from Gornje Bistrice from Slovenia. In the category of other grapes in the pre-wine wines, the champion is Graševina, an elective berry of dried berries from 2015. Branimira Jakopić from Železne gore and in the category of regular Chardonnay 2018 harvest wineries Matočec from Đurđevac.

Branimir Jakopić has long been awarded prizes in the country and in the world. At the most important wine rating in the world, Decanter in London in 2017 received gold for Graševina, which won this year at Urbano. Jakopic's Pušipel Prestige 2015 was a champion last year and in Gornja Radgona in Slovenia in the category of pre-wines. Jakopic has 14 hectares of its own vineyards, and with 2.5 hectares it buys grapes. Apart from Pušipela and Graševina there are Sauvignon, Rhine Riesling, Silvanac Green, Yellow Muffin and Couvee Cabernet Sauvignon, Shirah and Merlot. Family Jakopić in the Curia Terbotz prepares indigenous meals, meat from beans, hardened fat, preheated soup, turkey (dried pepper cheese), interimurban (nuts, macaroni, cheese and apples) and other meals in the restaurant. Two days after Urban came news from London. On this year's Dekanter, Jakopic got silver for Grašev's late 2012 harvest, 92 points for Pušipel Classic 2016, 93boda.

Good news came from London and the DGA Sparkling wine from Strigove. Sparkling wine Sibon Brut got silver and scored 93 points and Sibon Extra Brut scored 88 points with bronze. The wines Dvanajščak -Kozol, Preiner, Cmerčnjak, Turk, Kocijan, Kerman, Tomšić, Horvat, Nemec, Solum, Munđarov brijeg, Kojter, Strumica Trgova, Novak Alojz, Novak Boris, Lovrec, Knehti Medenjak, Hažić, Štampar, Kunčić and Kossi.

President of the Association of Hortus Croatiae Wine Producers and Winemakers David Štampar said, among other things, "This year we also emphasized Rudolf Steiner's teaching and the importance of ecology and dynamic production." Days of open basements in Međimurje were held on May 24 and 25, during which numerous vineyards visited some wineries.



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