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Enosophia - the Wine Wisdom of Feričanci

Enosophia is a new brand of the Feravino winery from Feričanci, with which they want to emphasize a holistic approach to the consumer, but also care for the environment, sustainable development and better positioning of Slavonia as a wine tourist destination. At their vineyard position Goveđa glava, from which the Graševina for Trs No.5 is located, the construction of a wine hotel with a swimming pool and other accompanying facilities is planned. Three wines from the Enosophia line were presented - Nice to see you sparkling wine, Graševina Trs No.5 and rosé Matarouge. In the restaurant PapaMó, within the hotel Cool in Velika Gorica, we tasted wines, with special snacks.

PapaMó welcomed us with sparkling wine with the appropriate name Nice to see you, produced by the Charmat method from the varieties Chardonnay and Pinot Noir. This refreshing brut, with delicate salmon colours and pleasantly balanced acids, was complemented by white Pizza Mortadela PIK, without tomatoes, based on scrocchiarella dough with Genovese pesto, mozzarella and pistachios and kalamata olives. Finely pearling champagne and gourmet pizza, turned out to go great together!

Zvonimir Papak, the manager of the PapaMó restaurant, also made sure that Enosophia Trs. No.5 has a decent gastronomic accompaniment. This Graševina from the 2020 vintage, which was decorated with bronze in Decanter's recent selection, is expertly paired with marinated veal, baked for 10 hours in its own sauce with young roast potatoes, dijon mustard cream, garnished with dill. Vine No.5, which caused the greatest enthusiasm of wine connoisseurs at the promotion, was produced, as Hrvoje Sarić, a representative of Enosophia, pointed out, by a mild sur lie method, aged for four months on fine lees. That is why 'at first' it does not seem like Graševina, a grape found on every fifth vine in Croatian vineyards, which was the inspiration for the name of this wine.

Sarić announced that the Feravino brand will be phased out in the next two or three years and that Enosophia will slowly replace it. Two more sparkling wines and two black blends will be on the market soon so that as many as seven labels will be under the new brand. He also demonstrated that Enosophia is something new and modern through the possibilities of interactive labels. When scanned by a smartphone, the Trs No.5 leads to an app that plays specially composed music, which will change every three months.

The rose wine Enosophia Matarouge, named after the position of Mataruga from which the Frankovka and Pinot Noir from which it is made originate. The label, on the other hand, does not 'play' but refers to an application with a virtual journey through the best rosé wine regions of the world. By scanning the label, you can also find out what different shades of rosé reveal about varieties and flavours.

The return from the virtual to the real world was marked by Cheesecake, specially designed for the occasion. It consisted of a young cow’s curd with wild berries in a basket of crispy dough with butter and sour cream and sweet cream with bourbon vanilla. The slightly fruity rosé, salmon-coloured, did a great job in the combination that concluded this unique evening of top wines and delicacies.

Photos by Marko Čolić

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