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Erman - Homemade Istrian Cakes and Icecream

When the people of Žminj and their guests want good desserts, they go to the Erman confectionery. And we headed there guided by a good voice and homemade cakes and homemade ice cream. This pastry shop has been operating since 2005 and offers fresh homemade desserts prepared from specially selected ingredients.

Among Istrians, Erman boasts of excellent Istrian traditional cakes reminiscent of times gone by. The owner Valentino Erman especially emphasizes the peaches for which they are very famous, and when we tasted them we understood why. As far as memory serves us, these are the juiciest and best peaches we have ever tasted! Kroštuli are also unavoidable, an integral part of every sweet offer in Istria.

After peeking into the old cookbooks and talking to the grandmothers, the old wedding cake cukerančić is returning to Istria, which is also possible to try in Erman. As befits the Istrian climate, candy is best when dipped in a little Malvasia! All these cakes are made from flour, sugar and eggs, without any other artificial additives.

When Žminj families celebrate a birthday or some other occasion, they often turn to Erman to make cakes. The patisserie really specializes in cakes that are tailor-made. But we came to Erman first of all to try the homemade ice cream. The producers of ice cream made from fresh milk and sweet cream can be counted on the fingers of one hand, and the taste is completely different from all the ice creams we know. Milk and dairy products come from the nearby Latus dairy, which guarantees not only freshness but also local connectivity! The ice cream, which is made according to an Italian recipe, has an intense taste, and we tried a great yoghurt ice cream, and we are definitely going back to chocolate, rum and cherry ice cream.

These sweet delights can be tried at a couple of other locations in Žminj, and a new store of the Erman family from Žminj will soon be opened in the centre of town. Until then, head to the industrial zone for homemade Istrian cakes, homemade ice cream or a great cheesecake with caramelized figs!

Confectionery Erman

Industry 6, 52341 Žminj


Photos by: Cristiano Dias


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