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Franck Beestro - Serving the Bees

With the support of the Croatian Beekeepers' Association, Franck has launched a project to raise awareness of the importance of bees for life on Earth. Thus, as part of the Franck Beestro project, 15,000 Beestroes with honey plants and flowers for bees were opened in two and a half months.

Agriculture around the world depends on bees, which are an important link in the pollination of about 75% of food products, but with the reduction of green areas and the lack of honey plants, their number is, unfortunately, decreasing. To help bee communities, Franck designed the Beestro pot into which honey flowers and herbs are planted, thus becoming a source of food for the bees, but also a decoration on the balcony, window or in the garden.

Franck Beestro is a tin vessel with an illustration signed by the artist Vedran Klemens and accompanied by honey plant seeds and two boxes of Franck tea. All you have to do is take tea packs out of the pot, add flower soil to Beestro and sow the seeds that come in the package, and with enough light and a little care, the pot will become a valuable source of bee food. As part of the project, volunteers from the Green and Blue Sesvete Association and the Cleaning Bears environmental initiative teamed up to make the neglected meadow in Sesvete honey-bearing and more beautiful for the area's residents.

All those who want to get their copy of Franck Beestro, and thus join the community that has members throughout Croatia, can do so by buying on the Franck webshop and in larger stores at a price of 25.98 kn.


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