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Green Grif for the St. Patrick's Day

The Grif microbrewery in Pivana in Zagreb presented Green Grif on St. Patrick's Day. The peculiarity of this beer is that it is green because the natural colour of the spirulina algae is added. The style that Grif microbrewery has in its standard range, Grif Pilsner is tailored for the occasion. It is a light beer with an accentuated floral note that is obtained using the German aromatic Tettnager hops.

The reason for the launch of this beer was revealed by master brewer Mirko Banić Ištuk. "We were looking for a natural colour that does not adversely affect the taste and aroma of beer and has an additional beneficial effect that would refine our beer. The choice fell on blue spirulina algae, which is one of the oldest organisms on the planet, more than 3.6 billion years old. Residents of Africa, North America and Asia have been using it for thousands of years as a dietary supplement. The ancient Aztecs consumed dried spirulina algae as a dry cake. It contains up to 60 percent protein in dry matter, which is three times the protein content in beef. "

With green beer, head chef Marko Jovanovic has designed a special menu consisting of burgers, risotto and panna cotta that can be tasted on March 17th.


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