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Happy 95th birthday, Esplanade!

Zagreb's Esplanade Hotel was built to provide accommodation for passengers of the famous Orient Express in just 26 months, and the opening ceremony held on April 22, 1925 was attended by the then Mayor Heinzel and almost 200 guests.

Even then, the hotel was luxurious and equipped with the latest advances in modern technology. Guests had at their disposal two hundred rooms with running hot and cold water, a hundred bathrooms, a telephone in each room, numerous apartments and lounges, restaurants with excellent cuisine and a luxurious ballroom decorated with Ionic pillars and sculptures. The role of the Esplanade in the social life of that time is best evidenced by the common opinion that "exceeding its threshold is an experience worth mentioning to grandchildren", and a frequent guest of the hotel Miroslav Krleža once concluded that "Oleander Terrace is the border between Europe and the Balkans". the thesis that the Esplanade is much more than an ordinary hotel - that it is a kind of institution and icon of the city of Zagreb that one should be especially proud of. For generations, they spoke with awe about the elegant and mystical spaces of the hotel. Many interesting events took place here, and the history of the hotel abounds with interesting and intriguing stories. Journalists predicted a bright future for the hotel internationally, and among the first guests was Mr. Glück (German luck), who raised hopes that the predictions will come true. And so it was!

The hotel has experienced many ups and downs throughout its long and sometimes turbulent history. It has gained the status of the center of social and cultural life of Zagreb, as well as a favorite gathering place for business people, celebrities, journalists and all those who are admirers of exceptional service and luxurious ambience. The big list of celebrities includes numerous statesmen, royal families and stars like Josephine Baker, Charles Lindbergh, Arthur Miller, Richard Burton, Elizabeth Taylor, Laurence Olivier, Prince Albert of Monaco, Hillary Clinton, Prince Charles and many others. Several times in its history, the hotel has closed its doors, most recently for a major renovation (2002-2004) after which it once again shone and continued to follow a well-known tradition and high standards of superior service, with innovation, fresh ideas and pushing boundaries. set new trends in the hotel industry. The Esplanade was and remains a temple of top gastronomy and a hotel of refined taste, sophistication, outstanding service and a special, sincere connection with Zagreb, fellow citizens and every guest.

Unfortunately, the 95th birthday, which was supposed to be solemnly celebrated on April 22, 2020, was welcomed by the hotel in a sad atmosphere - closed, without guests and staff, with earthquake damage. "The new situation around the coronavirus, then the devastating earthquake that hit Zagreb in March, forced us to close the hotel for a while. These were difficult moments not only for us but also for our guests who contacted us every day stating that they could not wait for that first coffee on the terrace or delicious štruklji in Le Bistro. The importance of the hotel for this city and how much the people of Zagreb are connected to it led us to honor guests with birthday actions and encourage them to visit and experience this icon of style and elegance again, of course with high hygiene standards and precautions, "said the CEO. hotel, Ivica Max Krizmanić. Until July 1, 2020, guests can enjoy the specialty of the house - the famous and delicious Esplanade štruklji - at a special birthday price of 95 kn for two servings in the ambience of Le Bistro.

Orient Express afternoon tea for two in the Esplanade bar or on the Oleander terrace with a selection of mini sandwiches and cookies in a special birthday offer until July 1, 2020 is available to guests at a price of 95 kn.

For Zagreb residents who often pass by the Esplanade wondering how it feels to stay in this luxurious setting and for those who do not intend to travel far this summer - the hotel offers a night in a Superior room with a sumptuous à la carte breakfast in Zinfandel's or on the Oleander terrace for one or two people for 95 EUR (the offer applies only to guests staying in Zagreb, and is available every day until September 1, 2020, subject to availability). Sojourn tax is 1.6 EUR per person per day.


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