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Happy Third Birthday, Jist!

The third birthday of Jist, one of the most famous new restaurants in the Kvarner gastronomic scene, was lavishly celebrated on 22 January. As with previous birthday celebrations, our team was in Viškovo and tasted the birthday menu of the only restaurant in the region that offers high quality aged meat every day.

Guests enjoyed a buffet full of meaty culinary delights that were a combination of high gastronomy and local Kvarner flavours. There were many slices here, bread with duck prosciutto and tartar, as well as stew with homemade šurlice and pljukanci, famous Kvarner-style pasta. Burgers were also inevitable, and as it fits into each birthday celebration, it was eventually celebrated with a birthday cake.

The wine sponsor of the birthday party was the Franković winery, which offered guests Sauvignon, Cabernet Sauvignon and Malvasia.


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