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Meet Santa Elisabetta

The signature wine of the Benvenuti family, the Santa Elisabetta wine from the 2016 vintage, premiered on Friday, October 23, 2020, on the lookout of the Amadria Park in Opatija, in front of the Royal Hotel. Last year, the first edition of this special wine received a lot of interest and was sold out in a few weeks after it appeared on the market. There is no lack of interest in the current, new harvest, either, because the list of reservations already significantly exceeded the available quantities even before the promotion.

At the presentation of Nikola Benvenuti, he said, among other things: "We were really surprised by the excellent reaction of the audience to last year's Santa Elisabetta, so this year we felt a great responsibility during the final creation of the new wine, from the 2016 vintage. Now that the scale is set so high and when customer expectations are high, all of this needs to be justified. Of course, nothing has changed in the vineyard and cellar. This is the same position of Santa Elisabetta at an altitude of 330 meters, with a high proportion of marl and limestone, where we rigorously reduced yields by a short cut and green harvesting eliminated more than half the crop so that the remaining grapes take all the nutrients and give us the highest possible quality. The selection was done multiple times both in the vineyard and in the cellar. The final blend, ie the selection of barrels and their ratio, was made by the commission, together with some of the most common local wine connoisseurs, journalists and sommelier such as Danijela Kramarić, Rene Bakalović, Davor Butković, Sandi Paris, Emil Perdec, Tihomir Purišić, Filip Savić and Saša Špiranec. So we chose the ratio that offered the most aroma and other significant wines and then we filled it into bottles. "

Santa Elisabetta is a Teran wine, a variety by which the Benvenuti winery is recognized as one of the leaders in terms of quality. However, the desire of Alberta and Nicolas Benvenuti is to take Teran Santa Elisabetta to an even higher level to establish completely new quality standards. It is produced in a limited quantity of 3400 bottles of preparatory 0.75 litres and 100 magnums with a volume of 1.5 litres. Teran Anno Domini 2017 was also presented at the promotion, also for the first time. It is the most important wine of wineries, significantly commercially available from Santa Elisabetta, and with which they still win the world's highest recognition, such as the prestigious Decanter platinum medal.


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