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Pét-nat Sparkling Wines Coletti

Sunny autumn Saturday lured numerous wine lovers to the terrace of the Zagreb wine shop Vintesa (Vlaška 63). Reason? Popular event "WeekEnd Vibes & Wines" where you can taste and get the best wines, and music expert and radio host Kornelije Hećimović took care of the even more better atmosphere.

Plešivica winemaker Franjo Kolarić, whose wines carry the Coletti brand, presented as many as 11 labels. One of them was awaited with particular impatience. This is the latest work of Franjo Kolarić, a special type of sparkling wine made by a method that is a growing hit in our country and in the world. Have you heard of Pét-nat? It is an abbreviation of the French term "pétillant naturel" which in translation would mean "natural sparkling". Pét-nat is the first known method of sparkling wine production, older even than champagne, and now, with the trend of natural wines, it is back in fashion. This trend of light and fruity sparkling wines is already followed by some Croatian winemakers, and among them is Franjo Kolarić. Kolarić is the first producer in Croatia to use a ceramic bottle for wine packaging.

Pét-nat Coletti is a natural sparkling wine made from Pinot Gris and Chardonnay. The wine is unfiltered, without the addition of sulphur compounds or any additives. The low percentage of alcohol and the delicate aromas of tropical fruits, citrus and white flowers make it an ideal lighting for any occasion. "I think it is a sparkling wine that will make a good story this and next year in Croatia”, said Franjo Kolarić. Pét-nat Coletti will soon be on the market.

Apart from the pét-nat in which Franjo Kolarić has high hopes, his hope is also the Pinot Gris variety. It was interesting to taste this variety from different aspects: as a sparkling wine, as a fresh wine in a variant of orange aged in an amphora.

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