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Picnic in Kos-Jurišić Vineyard

The coronavirus is leaving, spring has come. After bad days, after being locked up in our homes for a long time, we go to nature, to the greenery for fresh air. The Kos Jurišić family together with the Tourist Board of Sveti Ivan Zelina, in an idyllic area, organizes picnics in the vineyard. Kos-Jurišić Winery is a family farm with 3.5 ha of vineyards, 30 kilometres from Zagreb in Nespeš on the Zelina Wine Road.

During the weekend, the Kos Jurišić winery offers baskets with warm bread, homemade food and wines, and in the vineyard, bales of straws are transformed into tables, which are surrounded by blankets and pillows and invite you to a magical atmosphere. Bacon, chicken and pork are ready and wine is also there, with a view of the hills where the vineyards are, it reveals the green corners of the Prigorje region. The baskets include homemade salami, breaded pizzas, roast pork, potato salad, bean salad, štrukli, apple pie, zelina loparka, homemade bread from grandmother Dragica, apple and elderberry juices and Zelina wine.

In the basket "Špekec" (Price for 2 persons 250,00kn) are homemade meat starters, cheese, ham, sausage and bacon, baked štruklji, bread of grandmother Dragica, wine Kos-Jurišić 0,75, homemade apple or elderberry juice 1 or 1l mineral water. In the basket "Picek" (Price for 2 persons 360,00kn) are deep-fried chicken, potato salad, apple pie, bread of grandmother Dragica, wine Kos-Jurišić 0,75l, homemade apple or elderberry juice 1l and mineral water 1l. In the basket "Pajcek" (Price for 2 persons 380,00kn) are roast pork, bean salad, Zelina Loparka, grandmother Dragica's bread, wine Kos-Jurišić 0,75l, homemade apple or elderberry juice 1l and mineral water 1l. For that day, a day of happiness in nature, there is a playground for children and a lot of places to have fun and run in nature in the fresh air. Working hours are for Friday, Saturday, Sunday from 12.00 to 19.00 and the number of seats is limited, so arrival should be announced by phone 091 511 00 73 or

The Kos-Jurišić family, when hard times came, when restaurants were closed, did not give up. In addition to the latest project "Picnic in the Vineyard", they decided to offer wines door to door. So every day Mario Jurišić delivers his wines to Zagreb addresses. The flyer with the winery's phone number 098 377 907 was to be found in the mailboxes. The famous Zelina Kraljevina, Pinot Grigio, Chardonnay, Muscat Yellow and a mixture of varieties are distributed. In addition to the wines that are delivered around Zagreb, the Kos-Jurišić winery also has kerner, Ranji Riesling and sparkling wine.

Of course, Zelina is known for the Kraljevina, mentioned in 1841 by the famous ampelographer Franz Xaver Trummer, who listed Croatian varieties in the middle of the last century. It gives very drinkable wines of low alcohol, delicate aromas and a little more pronounced but pleasant acidity. And now that beautiful spring days are coming, a good choice for the weekend is a trip to the vineyard for bacon, chicken and pork and a few sips of the Zelina Kraljevina.

Photo: Marko Čolić


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