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Pud Brest - Tavern of Krk Tastes

Finding a way to taste the island of Krk can be considered simple, given the number of restaurants on the largest Croatian island. However, it is necessary to go to the hidden corners of Krk, to places of almost magical names, where the tradition of island cuisine is reflected in generations of memories, ancient stone houses, in all those pots and plates where Krk grannies lovingly prepared the best they found in their immediate surroundings. This is exactly the place Milohnići, and an unavoidable signpost to the tastes of the island of Krk is the tavern Pud Brest.

We did not come to this conclusion, but the Tourist Board of the City of Krk decided to dedicate October and November to the gastronomic offer of the island, and the Milohnić family, which runs the Pud Brest tavern, readily responded to this action. How could they not when the dishes here are prepared in the way that the local Milohnićars have been eating for centuries. Everything here smells of antiquity, although the tavern was opened in 2011. Then the family decided to renovate the old abandoned house, and in old paintings, Milohnićs noticed that in front of this house was a large elm tree, whose canopy created protection from the heat and where people sat and chatted. And so, quite naturally, the name Pud Brest was born.

Krk is known as the Golden Island, as the ancient Romans called it because of its olive growing. However, Krk is also an island of sheep farming and the taste of lamb, and Pud Brest is one of the best places to enjoy homemade Krk lamb. The sheep run merrily and graze in the meadows around Milohnić, thus ensuring the best thickets at hand. Therefore, the promotional menu exuded lamb, but for more variety, chefs Josip Rušin and Karlo Depikolozvane prepared gnocchi and macaroni with squid brodetto. Gnocchi and macaroni were made just before our arrival, in a skill inherited from families, while fresh squid came from Krk fishermen who catch these delicious cephalopods in the deeper parts of the Kvarner Bay. The irresistible sweet taste is complemented by the Merlot that comes from Vrbnik, the wine capital of the island of Krk.

Every vegetable found on the visitor’s table is grown in gardens just a few minutes' walk from the tavern, and everything is natural and organic. They are especially proud of this in the Pud Brest tavern, and how could they not when every dish has a fullness of taste and aroma. There are also aromatic herbs, a wild gift of the Mediterranean, including nettles. It is a pleasure to drink homemade nettle brandy by the stone fireplace, which with its appearance evokes the spirit of the past and the warmth of the fire on stormy winter days. In those days, it is not out of place to slice feta prosciutto, which matures in the skin on Krk, and there must be no shortage of Krk cheese, which is skilfully prepared by grandmother Marija from sheep's milk.

And while we look at the paintings and objects from antiquity that hang on the stone walls, the waitress Nadica Kosić brings us šurlice with lamb stew, perhaps the most typical lamb dish on the island. In the special skill of making real Krk šurlice, which were once carefully prepared for weddings and various celebrations, lies patience but also the art of precise moves in which hours pass. So the next time you try šurlice, we definitely need to remember how someone in the kitchen hand-crafted šurlice, gnocchi and macaroni for a nice look and even better taste. The enjoyment of soft lamb accompanies this mastery and is reminiscent of all those fragrant grasses that sheep graze all year round.

Lamb is certainly a real celebrity in the kitchen of the tavern Pud Brest, which is well known to all employees, given that they live in Milohnići and surrounding places. Attached to their end, they try to show these antique flavours as best they can, and it is our humble opinion that they excel at it. And as if the appetizers were small steps on the way to the flavours of the island of Krk, so roast lamb with potatoes came as the crown of the gastronomic journey. The unmistakable taste of island lamb and excellent potatoes is replaced by grilled sausages, onions, cabbage and sauces. There are no additional spices, because lamb is rich in Mediterranean herbs such as rosemary, oregano, sage, which is eaten happily throughout lambs' life. This autumn rhapsody reminded us of the unexploredness of the northwestern part of the island that maintained cordiality and hospitality towards each guest.

They say that those who tasted their pancakes are returning to Pud Brest. Made from cottage cheese, cinnamon and raisins, these baked pancakes are the dessert top of a visit to this beautiful family tavern that really shows what homemade food from garden to table means.

Pud Brest, Milohnići bb, 51511 Milohnići

+385 51 862-111, +385 91-1862-111

11:00 - 22:00


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