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Rural romance for the Valentine's Day

The whole world celebrates the somewhat commercialised Valentine's Day. The day is associated with Saint Valentine, who is said to have conducted many Christian marriages during the persecution of Christians, although the details are rather murky. But everyone knows that romance is linked to dinners, which leads to the famous saying that love leads through the stomach. Reflecting on the places we've visited so far, here's a list of the most romantic rural places to spend Valentine's Day!

Located within the walls of medieval Boljun, with a warm fireplace and a hospitable welcome, the Boljunska konoba radiates the romance of bygone times. The rural beauty evokes good vibes and the tables are nicely spaced to give enough privacy for conversation. The proximity of the Istrian forests provides ample opportunities for truffles. They are love or hate at first sight, so make sure you both love this noble gift of the Istrian land. In addition, truffles are also known as an aphrodisiac, which guarantees an interesting gastronomic trip to Istria!

Winter on the Adriatic islands is not so interesting for tourists, which is a great pity. Bathed in the sun, the islands offer beautiful moments of enjoyment, and among the 66 inhabited islands, our choice is Pašman. With a warm fireplace, the Mureta tavern is one of the rare and very attractive places open all year round. Romantic moments can be spent with grilled octopus and kunjka, local shells that are also said to be an aphrodisiac. The heart-shaped island of Galešnjak is very close, popular among couples in love who use it for weddings.

With a nice view of the city walls of Krk, Casa del Padrone is a nice place for a romantic lunch in the sun. Along with the flavours of excellent Žlahtina, this is a place of gastronomic delicacies and imaginative dishes, mostly from local Krk lamb. With a view of the Krk waterfront, the rich desserts that are traditionally associated with Casa del Padrone are pleasing. The sophistication of this restaurant and the pleasant ambience are a guarantee of a romantic experience on the island of Krk.

Snow-covered Gorski Kotar, wood-clad houses, a fire in a stone fireplace, these are all images of a romantic Valentine's Day in one of the most beautiful parts of mountainous Croatia. Goranska kuća, an autochthonous restaurant in the Risnjak hotel in Delnice, is the best place for an equally romantic date. A rich menu with venison, cold meats, homemade gnocchi warms even on the coldest days, although lovers will certainly have a warm heart!

Among the hills of Zagorje, in a fairytale place of tragic but also romantic moments of Veliki Tabor, lies Grešna gorica. A nobleman and a country girl once made love here, testifying to the power of love above all social changes. Although the sinfulness of this hill is often equated with a rich meal and excellent Zagorje wine, Grešna gorica is actually a very romantic place where you can celebrate the feelings of the deepest connection!


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