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Spring is time for Vrgorac Strawberries

"Trinity of smell, taste and colour. And you know it's from Vrgorac! ”So they say at the Vrgorac Strawberry Association, which was created to encourage the production and promotion of Vrgorac strawberry as a well-known fruit from three Vrgorac fields: Rastok, Jezero and Bunina. About 80 of them continue the tradition that began by planting the first strawberries in Orah in the 1970s. After that, it is gradually planted in other places in Vrgorac; Banja, Podprolog, Kokorići, Ravča, even in mountain villages such as Prapatnica, Stilj and Kašć, and in Jezero, Dusina, Milošići, etc.

After Easter, it is common to find strawberry strawberries in the market, but only the connoisseur can determine which ones are the right ones. Therefore, the association will start selling strawberries in new packaging with the logo, which will prevent unfair competition in their intentions to use the name of Vrgorac, and will also be different from imported strawberries.

Usually Strawberry Days are held in Vrgorac in May and June, when the whole area has a scent of these tempting red fruits. The climate of the Vrgorac region, between the hilly area to the border with Bosnia and Herzegovina and the flat karst fields, gives some advantages that are extremely important for the strawberry to accumulate enough dry matter, sugar and an optimal ratio of sugars and acids. Vrgorac has enough hours of sunshine, good soil and irrigation water. Vrgorac Strawberry has a more intense aroma, a fresher appearance, a sheen and better taste than many strawberries you can buy in stores or in markets. The taste is partly better because of the varietal difference, and it comes to the fullest if the strawberries are harvested at full physiological maturity in the month of May, when there is more sun and less rain. In this way, they can be distinguished from strawberries which are beautiful in appearance but often hard and tasteless. #Vrgorac #Damlatia #Strawberries



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