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Tastes of Vižinada: Agroturizam Jadruhi

Agrotourism Jadruhi is one of the most respected and most famous agrotourisms in Istria. In all seasons, the owners and staff work hard to satisfy the culinary whims of many guests. What fascinates is not only the beautifully decorated tavern and high standards of the culinary profession, but above all the knowledge and skills that are visible at every step, brilliantly made and presented dishes with ingredients from agritourism and its immediate surroundings, and very hospitable owner family Šimonović who expresses all the features of the Istrian village. That is why agritourism Jadruhi is a favorite destination of foreigners as well as very local domestic guests who obviously do not recognise any tourist innovations. We saw for ourselves, and we will immediately say that we will continue to come to Jadruhi!

Although the owner Marko Šimonović was ill on our arrival, we were richly courted by waiters Daniele Lubiana and Karlo Močibob, and then we were joined by Marko's father, the former chief and responsible man of this estate. Where the tavern is today was once a barn. Animals were replaced with chairs for hungry guests, and the center of the village of Jadruhi, whose name origin is unknown, has become a busy destination for rural tourism enthusiasts. In the village are all Šimonovići, with some immigrants, and like the entire Municipality of Vižinada, it is surrounded by vineyards, olive groves, orchards and, gardens.

We drink an excellent homemade Biska, an ancient drink used by Istrian druids to enter a trance (and we still do), and we are looking forward to what chef Mauricio Altin is preparing for us. We were the first guests, but in an instant the whole detachment of French motorcyclists found themselves here. The highly anticipated international team is starting to enjoy spring Istria, and while the chef is effortlessly starting his daily work, his help Sanja Stevović is preparing an appetizer for us.

On one side we get a carpaccio of boškarin (Istrian ox)the , generously covered with cheese, truffle leaves and ricolla. With a beautiful red color and cool, this carpaccio is another fruit of cooperation with the AZRRI agency, which successfully breaks all the records of return of Istrian cattle to the peninsula and, more importantly, as already recognised indispensable part of Istriathe n gastronomic offer today. Truffles are fresh and make a great combination of flavors with cheese and ricolla. Truffles seem inevitable, although Vižinada is on the edge of an area of ​​intensive truffle hunting.

The second appetizer is a platter with prosciutto, ombolo, sausages, cottage cheese… all products coming from the farm. The prosciutto factory is only a few hundred metres away from the tavern and the fragrant prosciutto is not too salty as can be found in some taverns that aim for their guests to order Cuveea bottle of wine more. Speaking of wine, the whole menu was followed by home CMerlotuvee made of Teran and Merot, beloved Istrian varieties. Meat snacks also have just a pinch of salt which gives the palate enjoyment of well-prepared meat. Istrian sausage, like Istrians themselves, is mild and creates pleasure in the mouth.on

Agrotourism does not produce cheese, but it is procured on a nearby family farm. We tried the great sheep cheese topped with drops of homemade olive oil. We were delighted with the proper serving of the cheese, at room temperature, when the cheese is not too hard and let go of all its aromas. Rarely will you come across such careful serving, which is to the pride of Jadruhi. We also tried the cheese with truffles, which does not have an intense smell, is not tempting, and truffles are felt only in traces, although they are visibly present in the cheese itself. With homemade bread, the cheese pleasure is great! And the curd is with truffles, and the mild milkiness goes well with the noble tuber.

The kindness of the staff and the quality of the food can not only be felt but also seen on the walls of the tavern. Along with the antique fireplace, where the fire crackles even in warmer times, one can see the numerous awards that agritourism has received for its products and services. The inevitable feature is the seasonality of the offer, so we got asparagus soup coming from the family farm Montenese from Motovun, which is located so to speak over the hill. Thick and salty soup gives flavours of fresh asparagus, but it also delights with parmesan gnocchi and especially with the smell and taste of peas that we haven't tried for a long time. Peas are, of course, from home soil, because nothing else would have these qualities. The green epic goes well with the homemade bread made by the estate owner’s mother. She replaces six to seven loaves a day during the week with up to 16 loaves on weekends, when Jadruh is especially crowded and cannot be passed without timely reservation!

Before the main course, we were served eggs with bacon and cheese. Fritaja is composed of eggs from agritourism, and you can see the hens that produce them on the alley that leads to Jadruhi from the main road. The onion is first sautéed in lard, a little asparagus is added, with shiny homemade bacon and unbeaten eggs - this is a meal for the winners at any time of the day!

Špaleta was prepared for us for the main course, and the recipe kept by Jadruhi brought this agritourism the title of champion in the evaluation of Špaleta in Vodnjan in April 2022! For the uninitiated, Špaleta is an old Istrian dish, a semi-cured front pork shoulder that dries like prosciutto but much shorter - from December to Easter. Namely, Špaleta is traditionally eaten as the Easter dish. Cut into fine slices and fry in olive oil, Chef Mauricio prepared it with a lot of rosemary and some garlic and served it in olive oil with polenta. A soft Špaleta with wonderful and aromatic flavours is simply a must-try in this agritourism, and dipping bread in oil is an indispensable reminder of a dish you have just enjoyed!

With a small bottle of Teranino, we enjoy beautiful cheesecakes with chocolate and forest fruits, while talking to the older generation of Šimonović about how it used to be in Jadruhi, Vižinada, Istria. The themes jump like on a factory strip, and at the same speed the delicious Teranino is offered, together with biska, honey brandy, cherry brandy, and other sweet brandies of this region. We leave Jadruhi with immense pleasure, and everyone who visits this place can get the same pleasure:

Agrotourism Jadruhi

Jadruhi 11, Vižinada,

+385 52 446 184

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