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Trdenić's Strawberry Wine

Dessert fruit wine obtained by fermentation of strawberry juice has a distinct aroma and special taste. Strawberries are an excellent source of folate and vitamins B and C, and they also contain plant phenols along with antioxidants. Such wine is produced by the Trdenić brothers.

Strawberry wine Trdenić under the label "Golden fruits" is a new brand developed in collaboration with PG Faltis-strawberry grower Igor Faltis. The strawberry variety is Clery, originally from Italy, one of the most aromatic early strawberry varieties that grow well on the Moslavina soil type (clay-loamy soil). Strawberries are grown in the open field at the "Grede" position in Velika Ludina. After the election harvest, carbon maceration is done at 3 C. After pressing strawberry mash, (pressing Radman is 1 litre of juice from 3 kg of strawberry), classic alcoholic fermentation takes place, short ageing in a stainless steel tank and short ageing in a bottle.

Trdenić Winery from Trnovka near Voloder, 60 km from Zagreb, run by brothers Tomislav and Krešimir, is the largest winery in Moslavina. Trdenić family have been producing wines for more than a hundred years. From home manufacturing to the early 1990s, planting 1,500 vines, they sailed irretrievably into an adventure called viticulture and winemaking. Today, the area has been increased to 15 hectares with an annual production of about 100 thousand litres of wine. They have mostly Škrlet and produce both Pinot Blanc and Grigio, Rhine Riesling, Traminer red, and of the red varieties Cabernet Sauvignon and Portugieser. In addition to strawberry wine, they also have blackberry wine.

In 2015, the founder's reserve dedicated their best Pinot Gris wine to their maternal great-grandfather Josip Blašković. That wine won 92 points and the title of champion at the big exhibition in Kutina in 2015. In 2019, they were also champions with the Škrlet harvest from 2015, gaining 89 points. They also won a bronze for Škrlet at the world's largest wine evaluation in London at the Decanter.

During the last 10 years, and especially in the last 5-6 years, Trdenići have raised the quality of the former škrlet for mass consumption in a range of very good wines. So they have several years of Škrlet marked with private collection, Gewirtz traminer p.c 2017 and pinot gris 2015 founder’s reserve.

Most vineyards are in the position of Donja Vlahinićka - about 12,000 vines of Cabernet Sauvignon, 8,000 Pinot Gris, 8,000 Škrlet and about 1,500 Portugieser. On Medvedovo, where they also have their own pond measuring 85x15m stocked with Vrana and Lonjska carp with a hatchery, Škrlet predominates on 18,000 vines. There are about 20,000 pinot vines in Bukovac, and another 8,000 Škrlet in Krmelovac.


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