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Vinart Grand Tasting

The fifth edition of Vinart Grand Tasting brought together the best wineries from Croatia and other countries. Four introductory days and 25 wine workshops followed the grand finale of the Vinart Grand Tasting event, tasting the finest wines in Lauba, Zagreb.

This year's fair was marked by numerous guests, including a group of twenty journalists from the USA and from all parts of Europe, brought by the organizer to get acquainted with the best Croatian wines and never more visitors from the profession. The fifth edition of the event also brought together quality and powerful brands of wine-compatible products, such as Argeta Exclusive premium spreads created by renowned chefs, or President and Sirela cheeses that visitors could associate with wines. Along with some of the best local wines and numerous premieres kept by winemakers for this event, the leading importers of strong alcoholic beverages, Roto World of Drinks and Alca Beverages, were also present, offering cocktails to those interested.

On Friday 6.3. an afterparty was also held after the fair, at which Vinart's annual achievement awards were presented. The committee, made up of media representatives, selected Boris Šuljić, owner of the Boškinac Winery, as the person of the year, and the Coronica Winery won the title of Winery of the Year.


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