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Wine Talks at Vinski Vrh

In the Bolfan Vinski Vrh winery, on a property about 40 minutes away from Zagreb, an event was organised for lovers of wine stories and socializing. In the middle of vineyards, on a land where vines have been grown for thousands of years, 22nd "Wine talks with journalist Tomislav Stiplošek " took place. In addition to organic Bolfan wines crowned with numerous medals and the wine cellar where these wines are made, the property also has a restaurant and five rustically decorated rooms, perfect for those who want to wake up to birdsong in untouched nature. In addition to Bolfan wines, the restaurant serves homemade food. "We only offer dishes for which we procure groceries from surrounding family households and smaller producers within a radius of 20 kilometres," points out the owner of the winery and the estate, Tomislav Bolfan.

Organic wines can be divided into two groups. Young playful wines, created for everyday drinking. They are light in alcohol, with pronounced varietals and freshness. Tastings: Bolfan Riesling 2019, Bolfan G 2018 (Graševina), Bolfan Chardonnay 2017, Bolfan Sauvignon 2019 and Bolfan Muscat Yellow 2017. The second group are serious wines, such as PRIMUS Pinot Noir 2017. PRIMUS Aromano 2016 was also tasted, a lot, mineral and aromatic orange wine made of macerated Pinot Grigio with its own natural yeasts, aged on fine lees (sur lie method) in large wooden barrels. The wine that left the best impression is orange Traminer macerated for 25 days, aged for three years in a 500 L barrel without the addition of sulphur, and should be on the market soon.

"We started with biodynamic wine production and followed Steiner's instructions, but it turned out that this way of production should be adapted to every winery and every wine and we were not completely satisfied with the results of such an approach. So we left the biodynamics system and make organic wines. in accordance with nature and its laws, without fertilizers and without the use of herbicides and pesticides. Given climate change and everything that is happening around us, I see the future of my winery in red wines, so it will certainly be half production, if not more. We recently planted a new 2.5 ha of Pinot Noir. " said Tomislav Bolfan.

"Wine Conversations with Tomislav Stiplošek" are fun-educational interactive workshops rich in content that are adapted to wine connoisseurs and wine lovers who are just learning.


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