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Idyllic Ravna Gora

Ravna Gora is situated in the wooden realm of Gorski kotar, where strolling the forests and hiking up the hills, or just enjoying in the fresh air, will make you forget the stress of everyday life. Ideal for every nature lover, Ravna Gora is a place where you can also enjoy excellent authentic food.

This place has been a military outpost in times of Turkish/Ottoman invasions, and slowly progressed to a artisan and wood producing town. During your stay in Ravna Gora you should visit the cultural sights of Ravna Gora, the excursion site Javorova kosa with a mountain chalet next to which, according to a legend, is the healing spring Božji studenac, visit the wood paths and walking paths or find another way of relaxation.

You have the opportunity for hunting or photo hunting in the hunting ground “Višnjevica”. Get informed about the rehearsals or the concert of the Ravna Gora wind and tamburitza orchestra. They are worth listening to.

Nearby is an idyllic small village Stara Sušica. Around the village – hills, woods, meadows; in the village – a school, a tiny church, a castle, below the castle a stream… Indeed, it is a picturesque setting. The beautiful Stara Sušica castle is a recognisable sight in this region, and it is home for school children’s holidays.

If you want to understand life in harmony with nature to join Ravnogorski fruits of the mountains, walk the picturesque countryside Ravna Gora mountain road bike and explore the beautiful Ravnogorski green paths.

Learn more about this destination:

TURISTIČKI URED RAVNA GORA I.G. Kovačića 177, Ravna Gora 0385 51 818 351, 00385 99 229 3773

Photos by: TZ Ravna Gora



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