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Međimurje - Love for Heritage and Culture

Updated: Feb 19, 2019

Love is not for sale or buying… these are the verses of a very famous Međimurje song, which is also borrowed as a title of campaign to celebrate the European cultural heritage year. As an unique contribution to this important European-wide initiative, Međimurje county was presented with its gastronomy and tourism potentials. The common goal is to raise awareness of the importance of the cultural heritage in touristic offer between rivers Drava and Mura, which is the northernmost region of Croatia.

Culture and heritage are very important factors for the sustainable development as they contribute to the protection of natural and cultural richness. This is the main idea of this excellent project, made in cooperation of Tourist Board of the Međimurje County, Međimurje County and DMC Etno-Art Travel Agency. The project was presented in a beautiful ambient of the Croatian House – Mother’s story in Zagreb.

Međimurje is a beautiful and picturesque region with very interesting gastronomy story blended with top quality wines. The people are hard working and very hospitable, characterized by the contact point of Alps and Pannonian plain, with Hungary and Slovenia being just over the border. Its beauty is translated in a nickname “Hortus Croatiae” (the Garden of Croatia). Its unofficial emblem is collared dove and the lily flower, known in local dialect as “fijolica”.

Excellent presentations were a vivid reminder of the cultural heritage in Međimurje. The vice-president of the Međimurje County Sandra Herman invited everyone to visit this region and the director of the Tourist Board of Međimurje Rudi Grula who talked about this green land. Međimurje’s people are proud to defend Europe, just as counts Zrinski did; they are pious just as St. Jerome, who was born in Štrigova and who translated Bible into Croatian; they have broad worldviews just as the anthroposophical founder of the Waldorf pedagogy Rudolf Steiner; they love to sing just as Teta Liza whose 2000 songs are next in line to be recognized as the world non-material heritage. On the river Drava, goldrush was present for ages, and on river Mura lots of watermills are still preserved.

The tourists also come here to cycle, join the teambuilding programs, take part in the fishing contests. Of course, the region is especially kind to all the food&wine folks. Three Decanter awards went to the Štrigova subregion for its wine. And after excellent cuisine you can join one of 100 events annually, organized often by one of 400 NGOs, and you can relax in Sveti Martin spa, where a special interest is given to the cannabis therapy!

And if you think of your safety, do not worry. Zrinski Guard will protect you. It is the city guard of the region’s capital Čakovec. The noble family Zrinski resided in a Čakovec Castle from 1546 until 1670 and the town may well thank the family for its development. Nowadays the Zrinski Guard is a knight order caring for humanity, family, homeland, and God. They were especially greeted by the County’s president Matija Posavec.

Everything may be visited with the destination management company for Međimurje and Central Croatia Etno Art Travel, a family company run by Tatjana and Marijan Martinjaš. Their offer brings tailor made and customary small group tours specialized for anyone’s need. We hope to enjoy some of their tours too!

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