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New image of Menegheti for the New Year

Updated: Feb 19, 2019

At the Zagreb Cheese Bar a number of media representatives were introduced to the two new Meneghetti products. These are the Meneghetti Malvazija Black Label 2017 and the fresh non-filtered olive oil Meneghetti Novello, as well as the refreshed look of all Meneghetti labels. At the same time this Istrian wine maker introduced new wine grapes – sparkling wine Meneghetti Classic Brut 2016, Meneghetti White 2017, Meneghetti Red 2013 and all olive oil from 2018.

Meneghetti Novello is a non-filtered young olive oil, consisting of all four varieties of which Meneghetti olive oil is produced - Istrian bjelica, rosulja, leccino and buža. The smell is a complex, medium intensity fruity scent with the dominance of green tones of grass, radishes and olive leaf, and ripe notes of apples and bananas. Rich taste with medium expression is supplemented with fullness and bitterness and persistent pungency.

Meneghetti Malvazija Black Label 2017 is a new interpretation of malvasia, a wine which is considered the symbol of Istria, and is known as the young, fresh and immediate. Black Label wants to prove that this variety can produce demanding wines that will satisfy a search of a more intense experience, complexity and new shades of taste and smell. It is produced by the process of different macerations and before being put into the bottle it is aged 9 months in one part in stainless steel and the other in large barrels of Slavonian oak, volume of 2000 litres. It brings complex and enchanting aromas, a full, intriguing and sensual flavour that lasts long and blends with a wide variety of dishes. Malvazija is one of the finest dishes that blends with the Istrian truffle (especially with eggs, pasta and risotto) up to the finest roast fish. Serving temperature: 8 - 10 ° C

By retaining a minimalist style that is characteristic of the brand itself, the design of all Meneghetti labels is refreshed. The visual identity of the flagship label Meneghetti White and Meneghetti Red has been expanded with a new element placed in the background - wavy lines taken from topographic map of Bale. Modern typography and emphasis on composition in function are telling stories about sophistication of wine. The Meneghetti Malvazija Black Label label with a bold but still minimalistic design reconciles the Malvasia tradition with a radical approach to its production.

The Meneghetti Classic Brut label has undergone several changes. Keeping the colour characteristic for the previous year, the new label takes on the aesthetics of top-quality sparkling wines - placing this sparkling wine where it is in its quality and belonging. Part of the label is the name Valle d'Istria as well as the historical coat of arms of Bale, a dedication to the place from which Meneghetti’s origins are.

The new visual identity of Meneghetti olive oil rests on the highlighted colour of each variety, which clearly describes their intensity. Using a black label and a traditional approach to typography, a more formal and sophisticated impression was created.


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