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Benvenuti presented the Santa Elisabetta wine

Albert and Nikola Benvenuti, the owners of winery known for their wines from Malvasia, Teran and Moscato, have presented their new, so far most ambitious, wine called Santa Elisabetta. It is a wine of Teran, a variety by which the winemaker Benvenuti has already been recognized as one of the leading when it comes to quality and with which have so far won the world's greatest awards such as Decanter's platinum medal. However, Benvenuti's desire is to raise Sant Elisabetta's scale to an even higher level than ever before and to set new standards of Teran quality.

"Santa Elisabetta is the fruit of a long-term search for our most important wine, obtained by selecting the best Teran grape from our most important position for that variety. Because of the sun exposure, the altitude of 330 meters, the high proportion of marl and limestone in the soil of Santa Elisabetta, Teran always gives us excellent results, so we decided to make a special wine from that grape. In the eighth month we have eliminated more than half of the grapes in green harvesting so that the rest of the grapes take on all the nutrients and give the highest possible quality, then we left the wine longer than the regular Teran and then fermented and macerated for a long time, first in the wooden barrels of French oak for two years and then in the bottle for another year and a half, all in order to achieve the perfect balance. The final blend, that is, the selection of best wines we made commissioned together with six wine experts who know the taste of the market and thus the original selection has further and significantly reduced in quantity. The members of the commission who created the final mix with us were Sommeliers Ivan Jug, Sandi Paris, Mario Meštrović and Filip Savić, and gastro and wine journalists Rene Bakalović and Saša Spiranec, "said Nikola Benvenuti at the presentation of Santa Elisabetta.

The promotion was also premiered by Rose and Malvazija from the 2018 harvest as well as the Caldierosso wine, a mixture of four varieties, Teran, Merlot, Nebbiolo and Tempranillo. Malvazija and Rose come from years when Istrian winemakers experience one of the best in the last decade. Rose is made of Teran and is completely dry with a lot of fruity and a lively, aperitif character, and Malvazija delivers the freshness and splendour of an ideally sized wine, a full flavour that alternates with minerality and fruitiness and is well-versed with fish and seafood dishes fruits.


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