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Cheers with You - Elite Tourism of Istria

It started with tasting wine and olive oil in one of the most beautiful Istrian villas. The organizer was Nedeljka Krupljan, a young sommelier for olive oils, who was brought to Istria by her life journey from her native Moslavina. Eager for knowledge, Nedeljka Krupljan prepared for years, working in elite restaurants such as Barbieri's and Noel, and her wine mentor is the famous sommelier Filip Savić.

Her long-standing idea to become independent and dare to run her own business was created by the Covid crisis (Croatians say "every evil comes with some good") - and that's how Cheers With You began, as a program of workshops for foreign tourists eager for oeno-gastro sensation. This idea came to life immediately after entering the market through cooperation with Commodo Villas - a company specializing in the rental and management of luxury Istrian villas and apartments. Cheers With You services are sold out in advance for the entire 2022 season. Istrian villas are sold out from Easter until the beginning of October, as the demand for luxury accommodation is growing from year to year.

The guided tasting started with tasting Perhat olive oil from Brtonigla, pendolino and leccino blend, and continued with a selection of Istrian wines. Two Veralda sparkling wines were tasted - Veralda blanc brut made of 100% Malvasia from selected positions, created by 12 months of ageing in a bottle, and Xtrian brut vintage 2017, obtained by pressing Teran, followed by 24 months of ageing in a bottle. The sparkling wine was followed by two wine discoveries from the Soshich winery. Malvasia La Pregiata from 2017, for which the grapes were obtained from forty-year-old vineyards, and vinified after two years of ageing in stainless steel barrels, and Teran di Nonno Giorgio from 2017, whose velvety tans were obtained after two years of ageing in oak. All wines are paired with canapés created especially for Cheers With You at Konoba Nono.

Photo: Nikola Zoko

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