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G.E.T. Fest - Wine Tourism Festival

With a breakfast at Procaffe coffee shop with a glass of sparkling Rose Pearl on the first day of summer the G.E.T. Fest - Wine Tourism Festival was opened in the centre of Zagreb.

Festival offers to residents and guests of the city of Zagreb tastes and tourist information. The festival offer includes breakfasts and meals featuring certain regions of Croatia, Wine Tasting, Drinks "Croatian Wonders", wine-based cocktails and many other interesting events aimed at promoting Croatian oeno-gastronomy. The recipe for breakfast "inspired by Croatia" was conceived by Ružica Jukičić, a multi-award winning Croatian chef, a member of the World Culinary Organization and an International Culinary Evaluator. There are four breakfasts, named after the Croatian regions: "Hilly Croatia", "Slavonia and Danube", "Istria and Kvarner" and "Dalmatia". The main ingredients for these breakfasts are foods that are autochthonous or typical for a particular region. The same principle will be used for all other events at this festival.

Guided tastings will be held in the afternoon and evening hours on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Fridays, with a mandatory reservation the day before. There are "walks to the regions" that include four wines from a particular region, along with the accompanying snacks and a "walk through Croatia", which includes 8 wines (two from each region), accompanied by their own snacks. Cocktail parties on weekends will feature wine-based cocktails, and their schedule as well as announcements of other events will be published according to their calendar. The organizer of the festival is the association G.E.T. (Gastronomy-Enology-Tourism), which has been promoting wine tourism for many years. Among the projects of the association are White Grozd - awards for winemakers who successfully develop wine tourism, winery categorization and conference on oeno-gastronomic tourism. The festival was supported by the Tourist Board of the City of Zagreb.



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