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In Kabola happy with eco Harvest

Another harvest has been completed on the Istrian estate of Kabola in Kanedol near Momjan. Pickers entered the vineyards on September 7 and began picking chardonnay and malvazija and it ended with cabernet sauvignon. Grapes at Kabola are harvested by hand on 16 hectares of vineyards.

“Behind us is one of the better wine-growing years with enough rainfall and enough sun. In almost perfect conditions, the yields are top quality as well as the quality of the grapes, so the wines of this harvest will be memorable", says Marino Markežić, owner of the Kabola winery. Markežić was the first in Istria to switch to organic production, so all wines with the Kabola label are holders of BIO certificates. The wine is also aged in amphorae that arrived on the Kabola estate 17 years ago from Georgia.

The Kabola estate is also known as a tourist destination. "Although this year we completely lost one market segment from distant countries such as China, Korea and Japan, after the lockdown, our guests from Europe returned and are happy to come to our winery. With the new autumn wave of the pandemic, wine tourism has not been completely stopped thanks to loyal local guests who traditionally visit us, "said Markežić.


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