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The Best Zagorje Wines

52nd The Fair and Exhibition of Zagorje wines was held on May 24 and 25 in Bedekovčina Bajer (Bedekovce Lakes). On the wine evaluation that preceded the Fair, 134 wine samples were received from 68 wine makers. 55 hobbyist samples and 78 professional samples were rated. There were 6 big gold, 34 gold, 69 silver, 22 bronze and 2 honors.

The exhibition champion is the Pinot Grigio of Winery Bodren owned by Boris Drenski. The best wines are sparkling wine Boris Vuglec, white dry wine Graševina Kopjar, white with the rest of the sugar Sokol Cesargradski from winery Sever, red Cabernet sauvignon wine by Horn, Prädikat wine Pinot Grigio by Bodren and hobbist Rhine Rieseling, an ice wine of Ivan Krklec.

The exhibitors were Vina Vuglec, Kopjar Winery, OPG Žugec, Bolfan Vinski Vrh d.o.o., Bodren d.o.o., OPG Siniša Znika, OPG Dubravko Žerjavić, IDA Nova, OPG ZDOLC, OPG Petrišić Filip, Trgocentar, Winery Sever, OPG Grozaj Nikola, Niskogradnja Hren d.o.o. and Krešimir Juricic, who performed as a guest and introduced Istrian wines.


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