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Wine Talks with Wineries Stručić and Mikulić

The fourth edition of "Wine talks" with journalist Tomislav Stiplošek presented two small family wineries with particularly good wines. "Wine talks with Tomislav Stiplošek and visiting wineries" is an event that is organized twice a month by G.E.T. association in cooperation with the Zagreb cafe Procaffe in Tkalčićeva street. It is about tasting wine and talking with winemakers, and the audience is actively participating in the conversation.

Stručić and Mikulić wines

The theme of the talk was the wine festivals. With the story of presented wineries, the event has a major theme each time, and this time it was the wine festival. The winner of the commentary was Sanja Muzaferija, president of the Women of Wine (WOW) association, who presented the forthcoming Pink Day Festival of Rosé wines (to be held in Zagreb on March 30, organized by WOW).

Is there too much wine festivals in Croatia? The comments were different; beginning with Sanja Muzaferija, who said that there may be a little too much, to the comment of journalist Tomislav Radić, representing the thesis "the more, the better". However, the conclusion of the theme would be that the festivals, apart from a few bigger and more significant, should specialize - just like Pink Day or Salon Sparkling. But as we have no influence on it, it is to be assumed that the quality of individual festivals will determine the number of exhibitors and the audience's visit, which will again in turn crystallize festivals that have a value in some segment.

Stručić winery

This time, Tomislav Stiplošek hosted two wineries: Stručić winery from Ludbreg (near Varaždin, Podravina) and the Mikulić winery from Mokala (Pelješac). Why these two? There are small wineries with similar family stories - young wineries in the beginnings of development, with love and passion to continue family legacy with the support of parents who deal with primary catering, as Stiplošek says: "Whenever possible, the green and blue Croatia should be merged. "

Mikulić winery

The couple Tomislav and Sanja Stručić (Stručić Winery) have presented a new direction of their wines, deboned and macerated. Blanc de Blancs, Graševina Natur and Chardonnay sur-lie were sparkling wines, and for Graševina Natur it was a new presentation. Antonio Mikulić produces powerful Plavac from the Postup positions that reflect the love of the Dalmatian karst and the crystal blue sea. This year, Pošip was first made by grapes from Smokvica (on the island of Korčula), but it is not yet ready for presentation, so the audience on this occasion tried their Postup and wine Don Josip - Postup Selection. Vinija Mikulić had its first public presentation in Zagreb, except for the performance at the Zagreb VINOcom Festival.

The quality of the presented wines of both wineries might best be commented by journalist Sanja Plješa as "serious wines for serious girls", with which everyone agreed, except for the men who complained that they should be included in that statement. Every "Wine Talks", with interesting themes and tastings that provide a unique experience, bring some surprise to someone from the audience.


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