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Wines from the Old Times

The second revue of Croatian authochthonous wines "Wines from the Old Times" was held on 26 and 27 April in the Art Gallery Lauba in Zagreb. The two-day exhibition brought together 81 winemakers who exhibited 145 samples of 27 autochthonous wines. Deputy Prime Minister of the Republic of Croatia and Minister of Agriculture, Tomislav Tolušić, opened this event.

"Original vine varieties in Croatia occupy 36% of the total vineyard area, ie slightly over 7 thousand hectares. A total of 125 were identified and only 42 varieties were commercially grown. The production of wines of these varieties is carried out by 789 producers and we are especially proud of this tradition. Malvazija Istarska, Plavac mali, Teran, Maraština and Pošip are just some of our most famous autochthonous varieties but I invite you to explore the other tastes of wines that our ancestors produced and find the ones that best suit you. The measures we make, in agreement with winemakers, have enabled us to better position and present our wines on the market, and I am convinced that the 12 million kuna will be directed at the marketing of wine, as the new Wine Act has been of help annually and rapprochement with the final consumers will continue ", said Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Agriculture Tomislav Tolušić.

Before the festival itself, a competition took place between the 85 producers, with 130 samples of 34 indigenous varieties. The best-rated wine is Pušipel prestige, select harvest 2015. by Vinogradarstvo-podrumarstvo Branimir Jakopić, Železna gora. White wine champion in regular harvesting in the region of Central Hilly Croatia is Pušipel 2018. by Winery Preiner, Sveti Urban. White wine champion regular harvesting region of Dalmatia: Malvasija dubrovačka 2018.- Malvasija Karaman, Pridvorje.

Champion in the category of Red Wine - Region Dalmatia: Crljenak 2015.- Agricultural Cooperative "Masvin", Polača. White wine champion regular harvest- regions Istria and Kvarner: Malvazija istarska 2018.- In Sylvis wines (OPG Marko Zgrablić), Sveti Petar u Šumi. Champion in the category of red wines of the region Istria and Kvarner: Teran 2016.- OPG Dario Sirotić, Buzet.

The event was organized by the Ministry of Agriculture in cooperation with the Croatian Agency for Agriculture and Food, the Faculty of Agriculture in Zagreb, the Institute for Agriculture and Tourism in Poreč, and the Institute for Adriatic Cultures and Karst Melioration from Split.


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