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Golden olive oil from Vinodol - OPG Josip Kršul

Ruža Kršul is probably one of the most energetic woman of Vinodol. Her love is not only olives, but also gastronomic tradition and heritage of small places in this valley. Making of prisnac, innovative cakes, liquors, eco-vegetables, with knowledge of history and customs, nothing is strange for her.

We visited Kršul’s olive grove that sits beneath the town of Bribir itself. When first olive trees came to this land, many were sceptical, as olives do not traditionally grow in the valley. But, the land proved to be good, work diligent, and results spectacular. Kršul’s olive oilnow has two golden medals! One in 2013, second in 2015, both at the most famous olive oil competition in Croatia in Dalmatian town of Šibenik.

Ruža is telling us this while we stand in her sunny olive grove and indulge in tasting of her extra virgin olive oil, homemade cheese with olives in oil, and pure olives, next to the very aromatic and tasty olive liquor. The family will for sure be sustainable in this business, as Ruža’s daughter Valentina just finished agronomy in Poreč, famous university for Mediterranean agronomic culture.

With all the difficulties of olive growing, next to the frost, dew, and bura wind in winter which can sometimes destroy whole year’s efforts, Kršul family has excellent ideas to go ahead with combining of olives and tourism. In the olive grove itself, the family owns an old ruinous house. They intend to restore it, and make an agritourism with two rooms.

There will be an olive oil tasting place, but also a place where all the traditional products can be savoured. And Ruža Kršul is famous in Bribir for making prisnac, swiss chard cake, black cabbage pie, olive jam…

OPG Josip Kršul Štale 50a, Bribir +385 98 571 097



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