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Cetina - glorious river and its gifts

Carved into fertile fields to which she gave their fruitfulness and winding through the cliffs; river Cetina radiates some special energy. As a backbone of life throughout the years and centuries she is still faithful to her people, she is always there. Cetina is nourishing, cleansing and refreshing with her clear and pure water.

River Cetina is a stream in karst, she is attracting a lot more water than it is brought to her by the area rainfall. She is also fed by underground waters from a wide area. Rich beauties of her stream and the force of collected waters are coursing like a jugular vein of Cetina province to which she gave her name. In Trilj region she will show her best, as she is attracting at this point her most beautiful tributaries; rivers Ruda and Grab which both have carved in stone their particular appearance.

All that a river gives, Cetina is giving more; she is history of a nation and a live witness to life tracking back to prehistoric times. Current as always, this pearl of beauty and love of this region and its people; will give you back your lost time, and give your faith in life a whole new meaning.

It is no wonder then that Cetina brings so many freshwater food on Trilj table. The river is rich with trout, carp, pike, and chub. Trout from here is so famous, it has its own festival and a competition in making the best trout in Cetina region. But most gastro travellers come here for much unusual food such as frogs, snails, eels, and crabs. It is true wonder how this small karst river offers so diverse and rich culinary tradition, only 30 km away from the nearest sea.

Once, an airplane carried Cetina frogs, snails, and crabs to the finest Paris restaurants. Today, it might not be the same, but still you can find frog-and-eel stew, fried frogs, crab risotto, grilled snails. Frogs are indeed iconic for Trilj gastronomy, prepared mostly grilled wrapped in prosciutto. Another famous way is frogs on red brudet with tomatoes, or white brudet with potatoes. Many restaurants will offer frog risotto, often in combination with crabs.

Special feeling exists on the shores of small river Grab. Continuing downstream, water calmly glistens in the sun and runs from pool to a pool forming the accumulation potency that will power very old mills all along her course. Strength and appeal of this place made life here quite an adventure, 600 years ago people built old mills that grinded and grinded never stopping

Old mills of Grab became a destination for many from a widespread area, they came to grind wheat and to enjoy the beauty of this rarely found landscape. Five old mills threaded along winding little river of Grab have remained to this day in their original form and are still regularly put to use; because grinding grain with them is a sure bet for a delicious meal.Running through the mills, Grab continues on its paved way fondling the rocks and cuddling the vegetation. As if unspoiled beauty is speaking in some unknown language to the old mills, and if you wish to hear the tongue of nature and man which we have forgotten, but is in all of us; Grab is here.

This is place where famous restaurant “Naše malo misto” (Our small place) stands from 1970. It is a restaurant with tradition, with specific Grab soul entrenched in peace and quiet, in stress-free environment. The cuisine here is heavenly and so typical of the old times. First frog brudet was made here according to the old recipe, together with old style Grab bread, based on the centuries-old Grab mills.

Five mills are still preserved in Grab in their original shape and form. Old stories connected to this old mill enchants everyone, especially when you realise the food connection between the past and today’s palate. The restaurant offers traditional Cetina cuisine, and is famous for its frog brudet, fried frogs, and frogs with prosciutto, carp, trout, and crabs, but those seeking more meaty adventures will not be disappointed.

Naše malo misto 21242 Grab Tel: +385(0)21 828 259 Web:


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