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Hedonist & Wine in Opatija

With a lot of enthusiasm we have visited the Hedonist&Wine event in Opatija, Croatia's oldest tourist resort. In the proud Hotel Kvarner, the organisers have mixed passion for wine and for life, two strongest point of the Mediterranean hedonism. The place is known centrepoint of Croatian culture and showbizz, and jazz music in the Crystal Hall of Hotel Kvarner stressed the feeling of joyful event.

Numerous wineries were present at this event and it was practically impossible to visit them all and try some new wines or old favourites. Meetings with previously visited wineries was pleasant as was their wine. A lack of food on many points is maybe the strongest objection to the event which should become a recognisable posh-would-be wine festival. Overall, Croatia needs more events like this, with a development of serious wine culture.

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