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Restaurants and wines with Michelin's recommendation at the Istrian Gourmet Festival in Umag

Every year in tennis matches, around 100,000 guests from all over the world enjoys the gourmet offer in the Blue Lagoon Croatia Open Umag and this year's edition from July 13 to 22, Istrian delicacies will be available for tasting at ten Michelin-recommended points. Apart from the Zigante restaurant, which has traditionally been part of the Istrian gourmet festival, Blue Laguna Croatia Open Umag will be joined by three more Michelin recommended restaurants, which will present their best at the new Michelin Point.

If the gentleman had not introduced and showed his Michelin badge after dinner, I would never have called his over again. He had four courses and photographed every plate. Today everyone does, so I did not give too much attention. When he paid he came to the bar and took out Michelin's guide; it was a beam from the dark sky" said Ivan Badurina, owner of the Istrian restaurant Badi, owner of Michelin's recommendation, which will offer guests at the Michelin point fresh local foods so typical for the Istrian coast: cuttlefish brodetto and black burgers with sardines as well as other surprises.

Somewhat different experience had Teo Fernetich. He does not know who this "happy guest" was, which gave his restaurant San Rocco a Michelin's recommendation, but he does not hide the satisfaction of being part of the restaurateurs' elite. "We did not even know that the Michelin inspectors are in Istria! The recommendation surprised us, I hope they liked the whole atmosphere, all the food and services, because that's what we are trying to do with all of our guests," says Fernetich. San Rocco will serve at the Blue Lagoon Croatia Open Umag their own history through several courses! Guests will be able to taste a variety of meals, from cuttlefish and truffle cappuccino to the pork baked in the pistacchio skin.

Fabricio Vežnaver says that he leaves his heart and soul on each plate, so no wonder his restaurant Pergola delighted a Michelin's inspector that visited him. In Pergola he often changes the menu, depending on the season, and it serves only fresh and Istrian dishes, including the vegetables that the family grows in their garden. "Cooking is my love, so I was delighted by the recommendation. Michelin star would be a dream come true, but I must admit that I still love more praise and satisfaction from the guests. Their smile means that we are on the right track, "says Vežnaver, who prepares for Istria Gorumet Festival at Plava Laguna Croatia Open Umag a treat: Kvarner scampi sandwiches with olives and oranges for refreshment, octopus cooked at low temperature and grilled Jacob’s scallops.

With good food also a good drop of wine is needed, especially in Istria, which is characterized by some of the highest quality vineyards, which was confirmed by Michelin. Renown house has given a recommendation for 16 Istrian wines. Eleven of them can be tried at the Blue Lagoon Croatia Open Umag in the framework of the program "The hidden charm of Istrian wines", which is led by Croatian famous sommelier Emil Perdec."The Michelin recommendation to our wine makers is another push for their superb wines with which they are strongly approaching every year to the demanding wine competition. This recommendation is a proof of the dedication and quality of the work of Istrian winemakers and a proof they are getting better with each new grape harvest," said Perdec, and announced that the "hidden charms of Istrian wines" this year will show the guest sheer width of the Istrian terroir. Six interesting categories will be sampled: sparkling wines, young Malvasia, matured Malvasia, matured Teran, matured Cuvees, and matured cabernet sauvignons, and one of the presented wines will be secretly chosen to be selected for ATP wine 2018.

Istra Gourmet Festival has for nine years been an unavoidable part of Blue Laguna Croatia Open Umag, together with the restaurants Zigante and Naša Kužina, and this followed with RougeMarin and Michelin Point. Naša kužina (Our kitchen) restaurant, under the guidance of chef Zdravko Tomšić, will present authentic Istrian cuisine, from fresh fish and best olive oils to gourmet boškarin ox and Istrian cheese. RougeMarin, run by Marino Medak from Zagreb, has launched a magnificent burger revolution in Croatia a few years ago and will also take part at this world famous ATP tournament.

Photos by: Badi, San Rocco, Pergola, Zigante

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